Calorie Burned from Jogging/Hill Sprints?

Hello how much fat approximately we burn? My diet is 3500 kcal, so can u increase 500 kcal when u run or swimming for one hours or did u know good stuff for evaluated that? Thx

To tell you that we’d need to know your height, weight, body fat percentage, length and elevation of the hill, surface of the hill, time between sprints, altitude at the base of the hill and a bunch more info.

And it would still be basically a total guess.


Ahaha I know, but they make some watch no so it is bull shit or not?
How did u calcul~ for yourself? Did u use a average? I will increase 800 kcal when I run or swimming like that I will be peaceful huhu

I’ve never bothered trying to work out how many calories I burn from exercise. No need for it.

iam in “weight gain”
so i need to be carreful about that ? if i just run 1x by week or swimming ?

my metabolism is “fast” exemple i eat 3500 kcal for 71 kilo and for the moment it is good i continu to gaining weight but slowly, some people with the same kcal mesure they are more bigger than me easily ect

While not universally accepted, a reasonable rule of thumb for calories burned ambulating is 100 cals/150# BW/mile on flat ground.


What pace is considered ambulatory?

It’s pace-independent.

How would that work? Caloric expenditure would change a lot with difference speeds

But total time varies as well. Obviously, running a mile in 5 minutes burns more energy per unit time than does running one in 10 minutes. But the 10-minute mile takes twice as long to complete, so the calories/mile work out to be the same.

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Makes sense, thanks!

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My thoughts as well. If you are doing hill sprints, who cares how many calories you burn? Why not just enjoy being a tough SOB and not a pantywaist?

it depend your goal, i burn calorie really fast even when i stay to my computer, seems i get a tapeworm ^^’ so i will like to do some jogging, hill sprints and so on, just i don’t want lost to much, because i want to gaining weight also, but i don’t want neglect my cardio also, for a lot of peoples maybe that is not a problem, because a lot of peoples especialy in america maybe ^^ take easily weight, even they need to be carreful want they eat, iam not in this case