Calorie Bouncing

Right now I am at about 5% bodyfat believe it or not. I am quite happy wiht that. Problem is I weigh only 170 lbs soaking wet these days. (I can however deadlift over 400 now, used to be about 350 at 188, glad with that). The problem is now that I am officially mr. Puniverse I?d like to gain some solid muscle again. However due to certain circumstances on which I will not elaborate I am not really in a position right now where any increase in bodyfat is desirable.

I only eat about 1700-2100 cals a day. So I was thinking what if I bounce my calories. Eat 2700-3000 cals for one day and then two lower cal days. I always gain or lose weight by adding or cutting calories btw. I never really have to watch fat or carbs. I keep my protein high though.

I might add a pic of myself tomorrow just to show I?m still tough…