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Calorie and Carb Cycling Instead of Deficit?


IMO it’s not counterproductive. It just takes longer to achieve the same level of fat loss but you possibly get to keep more muscle and even make better gains in strength.

Two downsides though:

  1. The diet lasts longer. This is likely counteracted if you choose to do mini cuts instead of full blown cuts. If you go on a deficit for 2-4 weeks and lose enough fat, you can go back to gaining instead of just maintenance for another one to three or more months

  2. It can be hard psychologically because most people interpret “going back to maintenance” as being able to plain eat more, whereas most often the difference in food intake won’t be huge and some people, including myself, can lose motivation in a two week period where you don’t see fat loss progress and aren’t completely satisfied with how much you’re eating at the same time.


Never be afraid of experimenting. Evolution without courage is not evolution. Yes, the horribly strict way works - obviously, and you can always fall back to it as you know that it works and that you can make it work.

Even if you try something and it fails you’ll be an experience richer and hopefully learn enough to inform your upcoming choices in life.

Had to check up that acronym. Uhm, unplanned meals aren’t great but hey, life rarely fits neatly into a plan and sometimes stressing about that - releasing cortisol over it - is certainly more detrimental than the occasional cheat meal as long as it doesn’t trigger a weekend binge. Also, you know that range between 13-17% when you look more or less the same? Maybe you were there, inching your way down and then when you went under his hardcore tutelage that last bit came off. Do not assume corrolary from correlation and what not.

And with regards to the CO aspect of CICO you and I both know genuine exercise will not amount to much in the way of out. Two, maybe three bananas. Staying active (NEAT) is a much larger factor. But, certainly, not ending up in a place with metabolic down-regulation must be optimal with regards to effect and trade-offs for someone that isn’t on a schedule. At least to my mind.

Why is he?

Skimmed, to get an idea of what he’s about.

Which is why I want to try the one week off instead. :slight_smile:


Have you read about Dr. Berardi’s stuff on G-FLUX? Seems like he found the Crossfit lifestyle before Crossfit was a thing.


Yeah, like I said a big part was probably not sticking to the plan for long enough.

Yeah, only after writing the post did I realize it is called IIFYM lol.

He has talked about it in the past, but basically he believes in the sustainable, long term approach. Probably due to his own experience.

If you look up my profile activity, I have a couple of threads in his forum here from last year, long before I became a client of his. If you want to you can take a read and see his points. There’s a thread with the title being along the lines of, “your thoughts on PSMF?” in which we go over the topic.

Yes I have. It’s an interesting read and instinctively it makes sense to me.


Yeah most coaches do. How else can they can they keep their clients for long periods of time?


I’ll read up on those messages if I find the time. In the meantime, I came across this oldie and thought about your thoughts on reps contra weight. Not a balanced physique per say but damn. Pecs. https://youtu.be/BzlJ_xDzmdg


How much fat are you carrying and how advanced are you?


I agree with Allberg. U have to read those two articles those r such informative regarding carb cycling. so go ahead all the best


A registered dietician and competitive bodybuilder dropped in to help 3 weeks ago.

  1. It’s weird it wasn’t important enough for OP respond and get help
  2. It’s awesome that we have these resources/ community


I’ve been around. I got the impression that the thread morphed in to a sidebar conversation so I excused myself out. I appreciate everyone’s input and I also think T-Nation is awesome =)


Totally fair. I think @BrickHead can help though