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Calorie Advice

Okay so I’ve been cutting for a while now. I was 230 when I started. I cut out all the soda and junk food and I’m down to 201. I need to know about how many calories I should be getting if I want to get down to 185. I should be at 8 percent body fat then (16 percent now) I wrote up a diet plan yesterday and my calories where 1990. Is this enough? I’m aiming for 1.5-2 pounds weight lose weekly for the remainder of te cut. At 5’11 and 201 16 % bf is 2000 calories about right? Anyone else with similar stats and experience cutting bf?

You just had (and still have) a thread in the bodybuilding section where you said you were taking 2800 calories and you lost a ton of muscle and strength. You said you had no noticeable body composition change yet you dropped 30 lbs, and your squat dropped over 100lbs. Likely you lost a good deal of muscle. Why would you drop to 2000 calories?

You said in that thread you didn’t change your body comp for the better, yet now you are saying you’re 16%? Down from 25%? Your story is confusing.

If you’ve been rapidly dropping weight (likely too rapidly causing muscle loss) at 2800 calories, why drop another 800? Your body isn’t going to eat up more fat to cover an even larger calorie deficit, especially if you’ve been losing muscle at the current calorie deficit it’s just going to cause more muscle loss.

2000 calories might be right depending on the person. Since you stated in the other thread how much muscle you lost at 2800 calories, I’d say it’s pretty obvious 2000 calories isn’t right for you.

Please let me know if im wrong anywhere here, this is just too weird for me to have everything right.

I got my body fat checked again and its down to 16 % I guess I just didn’t notice it changing. I’m asking about a new diet because I’ve not lost any weight in a while and need to drop the calories again, advice?