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Calorie Advice with Micro-PA


Good morning everyone! I have a few questions about my calorie intake with Micro-PA. (a little background on my nutrition for the last year.) Last January I came into a lot of conflict with my roommate about my eating. She used to harass me an a daily basis about my healthy eating.

I was 191 pounds at roughly 10% BF to her 280 pounds and her 52% BF. She used to openly explain to me at work (both worked at Dominoes Pizza) and at home how miserable of life I lived cause I choose to eat a healthy. I broke. I BROKE HARD... I went on a year long filthy bulk I got tired of her talking so I ate whatever when I wanted too and kicked her out. I started this year weighting in at 260 pounds at 20-22% bf.

So I'm starting my journey to lose some of the unneeded body fat.

I began with a with roughly weekly total of 33,000-35,000 calories.

(Here's the break down)

Mon-Fri: roughly 3,500-4,000 cal
Sat: Dirty Day 5,000-7,000 cal
Sunday: Heavy Clean Day 5,000-7,000 cal. All clean food

I do this mainly because my body is a creature of habit. after year of eating everything I didn't want to throw myself out of the habit of eating a heavy number of calories. So I switched from dirty to clean calories. With taking Micro-PA, Carbolin 19, and Brain candy. I've lost 17 pounds in three weeks and made some gains as well.

Marco break down. Protein 200-400g Carbs 400-600g Fats 110-150g (Mon-Fri)

In February I plan to get replace the dirty day with another heavy clean day

My question is should I eat more or try to even out my calories through out the week? It sounds silly. But I had to ask. I'm losing weight relatively quickly. I'm concerned how I should play my next move with my nutrition and looking for some solid advice.