Caloric Restriction vs G-Flux

Hey guys,

I’m approaching a little bit of a crossroads in my quest for a better body, and I could use a little feedback advice. This might be a little long, sorry in advance!!

In essence, in terms of caloric intake and workload I’m right in the middle of the road, and as a result I’m not really losing weight OR making gains in the weightroom which is frustrating. I need to figure out the best way to go.

My main goal is fat loss; as something of a FFB I really want to get down and be lean before I do any major bulking efforts.

I’ve been lifting seriously for about 6 months now and half-assed for another 4 before that. In that 10 month period I’ve lost ~25lbs, from 252 to 227. I’m 6’2". Most of that loss came in the first 3-4 months, as I changed my diet from total crap to fairly healthy (see below).

A quick look at the current stats:

Diet: ~2600cal/day, usually about a macronutrient ratio of 200g P, 90g F, 225g C, 30g fiber. I’m about at the 85% level following Berardi’s 7 Habits.

Lifting: now on Chad’s TBT (3 weeks in)

Cardio: Jogging/Elliptical 3x30min a week

I know not to expect much in the way of gains while calorically restricted, but if that’s the case I want to be losing a good amount of fat. Right now my body weight has been static between 225-227 for about 3 months, although I have definitely lost some fat and gained some muscle in that time.

What I really want to know is, in the experience of other people who are coming from the same overfat/FFB background as I am, what’s the best bet for continuing progress?

A) Curtailing calorie intake even further to get fat loss moving again

B) Increasing clean calorie intake above maintanence and increase workload more along the lines of Berardi’s G-flux approach?

You may get some excellent advice but in my humble opinion. Exercise and diet are an experiment. Right now I am going against what I believe would be popular advice. I am doing Cardio about 5 hours a week, why I am doing it is to try to increase my endurance. I don?t know if I am successful with that yet, but my body is tightening up in all those hard to tighten up places. My weight has gone down 2 lbs. But I know my body fat has decreased significantly.

Couple things I noticed in your post. You are probably eating too little to see much in the way of gains on any of Chad’s programs. But since your main goal is fat loss, it may not be a bad thing.

You probably will need to either increase your cardio or decrease your calories to get the fat loss moving again. I would decrease the calories much, or conversely increase the cardio much. Just enough.

You need to remember that as you lose weight (muscle and fat) you body requires less calories for maintenance. Luckily since your body fat has been dropping you’ve lost more fat than muscle. You still probably have dropped your maintenance requirements though.