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Caloric Restriction Refeed Day ?

After taking some time attempting to bring up some lagging areas I am now two days
into a caloric restricted diet.

I am following some principles of the get shredded diet (although not following exactly nutrient ratios etc. etc.) but following general template of total calories.

The article calls for a refeed day every 14 days and am not sure if I would really butcher the plan up (more so than I already am) if I ate about 800-1200 calories more every 7 days instead of 14?

Suggestions/advice needed as I have no experience with caloric restriction.

All the articles on here about the subject seem to have no consensus as to what an ideal refeed plan would look like but rather that it is different for every body and should see what works for you.

I really do not know how to monitor if what I will do is working or not other than looking in the mirror but I have nothing to compare to because as I stated I don’t have any experience going on severe caloric restriction.

Let me rephrase my question by asking for someone that has never REALLY dieted before what would be a good initial plan for refeeding and when and how should he reevaluate if it needs to change?

Some more information: -never really went on severe restriction before only time I dieted it was over a one year diet and I lost weight very slowly.
-181 lbs no idea what BF is but would say under 15% for sure.
-eating 1700-1900 kcal for the past two days.
-I don’t really care about food taste if someone told me take some dirt and put it in a blender mix with water and eat it on your refeed day and it will be good for you I would do it.
-my goal right now is to get reasonably lean (~8%) by late march/early april (although I might want to keep going once I get there)
-I just started following the training plan of one day heavy/one day lactate inducing workout/one day off repeat(as outlined in the article about minimizing fat loss)

-Need all the advice I can get at this point…Thanks

[quote]thefreshmanverve wrote:
-my goal right now is to get reasonably lean (~8%)

[quote]thefreshmanverve wrote:
reasonably lean (~8%)

8% is not “reasonably lean”…it’s very, unsustainably lean for most.

im new and inexperienced to losing weight rapidly and getting cut so pardon my ignorance…

i may be underestimating how much weight i have to lose to get to the goal of 8% in the 2.5 month time frame and it may be unattainable and even if attainable may not to be able to sustain it over summer months

i will have to do a bunch of other thread searches and bunch of other readings once i get there…

from your experiences what is lowest body fat % you have been able to sustain without having to dehydrate yourself or do anything radical other than keep good diet/good lifting program?

Why don’t you try the refeed and see how it works for you.

whatever refeed plan i go with i won’t have anything to compare it with to know whether it is optimal…
was looking for suggestions for a good starting plan providing as much pertinent information as i could…
i have a few more days until the 7 day mark to think about whether to do it ever week or every two weeks for how long of what kinds of foods how many calories over etc. etc.

Here are 2 articles that may help you decide:

We don’t know your body or mental state any better than you do. Everyone is different. Remember that the plan is written by an extremely driven individual who is arguably the top nutrition coach in the world. You will have to find a way to make the decision yourself. If you have 10 weeks or so, you will be able to make significant progress either way. In general, the first 2 weeks is the most important for resetting metabolic machinery. However, if it becomes untenable, there is no way you will make it to the end.

The articles I posted should give you the background to decide. Read them over many times, I promise it will be worth your while.

By working this out on your own, you will learn a lot more about how your body responds (and your mind too) than if you just follow someone’s advice, opinion, or validation.

Here are a few tips from experience (not necessarily Get Shredded, but similar):

  1. Make sure you add some salt to meals. When eating clean (cooking from scratch), sodium intake will be half the required amount, this means you will need 1-2g (1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon) of salt a day spread over your meals, more if you sweat excessively during exercise (add salt to your workout shake, about a 1/4 teaspoon). I think lack of salt is one of the bigger triggers for deviating from the plan.

  2. Eat plenty of green leafy and cruciferous veggies. I recommend cooking them to make digestion easy, as well as breaking down antinutrients and increasing their ability to ‘detoxify’ (increases binding ability of bile acids among other things). Broccoli is easily steamed in the microwave in a bowl covered with a plate for 4-6 minutes, no water needed, make sure the plate seals reasonably well - don’t nuke plastic. Spinach or other leafy greens cook well on medium heat with a little butter, coconut oil, olive oil, etc. Cook until it reduces in size and becomes limp and darker in color. Add other veggies for taste if you want and of course herbs and spices.

  3. Raspberries are extremely high in fiber and low in carbs compared to other berries. There are excellent frozen ones from Chile available year round at Walmart or any grocery store. Very fresh and well priced. If you don’t feel like eating veggies for more than 2 meals, consider this for a meal or two.

  4. For supps, get a quality multi-vitamin/multi-mineral with chealated minerals at the very least, particularly magnesium, if it says magnesium oxide skip it. Fish oil and vitamin D are usually helpful, go easy on stimulants - the cycling one week stronger and one week mellower is a good idea, consider Mag10 instead of BCAAs if you have the funds.

I made somewhat of a prospectus for myself copy/pasted from those two articles…

thanks for your help I sent you a PM with some specific questions I had