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Caloric Needs


we are used to always rely on the daily caloric needs formula, but my question is if your day actually consists of anabolic and catabolic periods so logically one can decide how long does he want each one of those periods to last(depends on his goal lose more fat build more muscle)but my main point is that one can be anabolic around workouts and catabolic(fast)up to 3 days without loosing muscle(backed by a few studies) so it all goes down to the fact that theoretically you can build muscle on a large weekly deficit. please if there is some mechanism that contradicts with this theory or some hormonal changes please enlighten me or just your thoughts.thank you (the whole post is presuming one has enough fat to provide energy via lypolisis.)


What your goal is?




Maybe. People don't carb-cycle/TKD/backload for no reason.

The whole concept of recomposition relies on the concept of partitioning being feasible, which it is.

It would be very intriguing if one could bulk one day and fast the next, and obtain effective results, but I have my doubts.


partitioning is a well known fact, what is interesting is what would be the most affective protocol at progressing in both goals


Champion powerlifter Fred Hatfield aka "Dr Squat" promotes a diet called the zig-zag diet, which is basically what you are describing. You eat heavily on your training days and eat much less (Depending on goals) on your off days. He says it's been backed up by several studies. Never tried it myself, although instinctively I probably eat more on hard training days.


youre all right about partitioning its an old known concept, what i ask is why do you need to eat above daily requirements calories if your day is a sum of anabolic and catabolic periods which do not have to depend on each other. im interested what would be the smallest anabolic period and how calorie dense that would induce any hypertrophy.


...because it isn't that simple. People go to school for a life time to learn what you think you know from some articles. This is why REAL WORLD RESULTS count more than something you just read somewhere.

You will not be gaining much muscle mass if you try to pull your body in two directions like that.


If your goal is to gain as much muscle as fast as humanly possible , then listen to X. If your goal is to try and recomp while minimizing fat gain, experiment with intermittent fasting.


sorry, that should read: If your goal is to gain muscle while minimizing fat gain...


im actually using an ifing approach to eating, and i do know that logically if you want to get big you got to eat big, my question was about pushing the limits of the catabolic or anabolic states to achieve maximum results in a specific goal(fat loss or muscle gain) while maintaining or progressing in the second goal. so intermittent fasting, ud2 and many other methods are taking advantage of the effects of partitioning, what im interested in is what is the most drastic approach to partitioning. one method i tried that produced interesting results was fasting for 40 hours feeding for 56 hours above maintenance + lifting, but it is not the most convenient protocol.


people on this site do it... its called the "pulse fast"

edit: obviously not ideal for either cutting/gaining but it happens