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Caloric Needs?


Hi all, i feel i have a high calorie intake for my current level of activity, perhaps a fast metabolism now.

I eat about 3k cal a day, sometimes even a little more. And that's from doing pretty much nothing. I mean, even on days when i don't do any exercise my calories are up around 3k cals, is this a bit excessive? Im limited to what i can do lately, but i do need to use up the energy as i feel i can be getting fat, it's just Ive been eating at this calorie limit for MONTHS and there hasn't been much of an increase in fat i feel.

If it helps, im around 5'10-5'11, 167lbs and 19 yrs old, just wondered what you all thought as i feel it is maybe a bit too high, but i eat when im hungry.


how much is protein,carbs and fat?your bodyfat approximately?


What are your goals? Be easier to assess if you are eating to much etc. However, 3,000kcal is pretty much a good starting point for someone your weight to start at to gain weight.


Dear T-Nation,
I am a teenager and eat a shit ton of food. Is this normal? I mean I don't exercise yet I don't gain weight. I have no goals in mind, its just that I read on the back of my cereal box this morning that I should only be eating 2000 calories yet I eat 3000+. I have had it in my mind for some time now that I am a snowflake. A rogue. A maverick. My ability to eat more then the government recommendations is only the tip of the iceberg.
Please advise!

Dear OP,
The government recommendations are set to encompass a large variety of Americans. This variety I speak of covers different ages, races and activity levels. In your situation, since you are still growing, your body will require more calories to produce new cells. I recommend you do not pay attention to the amount of calories that you are eating and enjoy your high metabolism. Remember to eat healthy fruits, veggies, meats and grains while staying away from junk food that is filled with sugar and hydrogenated fats. You may also want to take a multi vitamin/mineral complex daily.



Here, plug your numbers in here, set the the nutrition plan to maintenance and see where you land: http://www.johnberardi.com/calc.htm

Or Google RMR or BMR calculator and use a different site and compare a bunch.




There is nothing wrong with 3000+ cal/day.
There is something wrong with doing nothing all day!


Are those values on Berardi's calculator super high? Seems as if they are high compared to other calculators, anyone else notice this?


Yeah, Berardis calculator is way high. Even the RMR comes out high. At least for me, a 38 year old guy who sits in front of a computer most of the day.

I wouldn't trust it. He doesn't even reference the formulas he's using.


yes what are your goals to achieve may after that someone can help you out


If I remember correctly, Berardi's formulas include things like energy used to digest protein and other minor details, that's why the result is higher than other simple calculators.

I have seen the explanation for his formula online. I think it was an excerpt of Scrawny to Brawny.

When I was a beginner I was also "eating a lot" and had troubles putting on weight. A digital kitchen scale brought me back to reality. Now I'm eating 3300-3500 kcal and putting 4.5-5lb per month.