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caloric intake?

Well let me start out like this. Recently found this site. It is great, especially for us small folk. My stats: 6’1", 169lbs., and about 15% body fat( I have one of those scale you stand on and it calculates BF for you, I know it’s not accurate). But a few years back I decided to work out and gain some weight. THe thing then was consuming calories of any kind. So I got some weight gain and poured it on. I gained 30 pounds and it spread out ok. Needless to say, due to work conditions, I had to stop working out and lost most of it. Keep about 12-15 lbs mostly muscle I think. But I am ready to pour it on again but weight gain is no longer in the headlines? I don’t have the time to eat every two hours either. I do drink Designer Protein now. Is anything wrong with taking a weight gainer now days. Great site. Keep up the good work!

Hey, there, grwdad. Welcome to the board!!!

It’s not necessary to eat every 2 hours to achieve your goals. Most people eat 3 times a day and take in a couple of snacks on top of that. So it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch to try for 6 “meals” a day.

To shift your body composition to the positive (i.e., increase muscle a little and reduce fat a little) requires a synergistic approach; diet (i.e., how you eat), resistance training and cardio. Depending on what you have going on in your life, you could make some very nice progress with 3 days of resistence training and 2 or 3 sessions of cardio.

Regarding MRPs, they serve a useful purpose for people who wouldn’t get in a meal otherwise. Definitely get your protein in. >1g to 1.5g x LBM, divided between 6 meals is a good start.

For inspiration and to make sure you’re getting the biggest bang for the buck, start reading some of the archived articles.

Once again, welcome to T-Mag, and if you have any questions in particular, don’t hesitate to ask.

Man thanks a bunch. I’ve been reading past articles and it is great to the insde they provide.

I would advise against the store bought weight gain mrp’s, they are full of sugar. They’ll help you gain weight…as long as you don’t care if the weight is fat or muscle. You should get some Grow!(esp. since it’s affordable now) and mix in a cup or more of instant oatmeal for a quick, easy meal.