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Caloric Intake

I’ve very recently started checking out T-Mag! WOW… some seriously great info. I have just started working out and changing eating habits and am wondering aoubt how much to eat. I read in the FAQ’s that women should eat their body weight X 11 calories and men should eat BW x12. Where can I find backup info for that? I work at a gym for women and have been telling people about the info I have found here, but would love to have some backup. I’ve never found anything that really tells you what you should eat based on what you weigh (what a novel idea tho). almost deserving of a DUH!

BTW thanks Polar Princess for letting me know this place even existed!

Those recommendations are based on various diet articles. Check out the “T-dawg Diet” for recommendations similar to what you posted.

I think using an arbitrary number like bodyweight x 11 or bodyweight x 12 is only good as a reference guide or starting point. And I believe this applies to dieting only. Each person is different and you will find that your caloric needs are different than anyone else.

For gaining or maintaining, you’ll find that you need to take into consideration other factors. Check out the article “Massive Eating” to get a complicated (yet more accurate) reference on just how many calories your body really needs based on overal mass, LBM, diet, training, thermic effect of food, etc.

Hey Heidi!!

Glad you finally decided to join us. This place will kick your ass and literally change your life. Good luck with the information overload though. Once you start reading those back issues, you have no more life!!

Hey Heidi,
I agree that if you read “massive eating” you will get a very precise idea of how many calories you should be eating. However, I know that JB wrote in one of his Appetite for Contructions’s that women need to shed a certain percentage off the formula…shit, i cant remember which issue it was in. Does anyone else know??