Caloric Intake Questions

Hi everyone,

I’ve just read an article with someone who’s 5’6" at 172lb and takes in roughly 5000 calories a day on a 4 day a week training.

If i calculate my training using John Berardi’s calculations i get roughly 4700 calories a day (for bulking):

Instead if i calculate using Thomas Incledon’s method i get about 3200 calories (for bulking):

Now, i’ve been doing this for 3 weeks and making 1 pound a week gains. From what i read this is the right amount of gainage (new word there) a week.

How come these big differences in amount of calories? Would i not start gaining more fat than muscle if i switched to 4700 calories considering the gain rate i have?


Neither is right or wrong. BOTH are just a guesimate to start from. Many find JB’s calc is high, some not etc.

You have to find what works for you. start with one and adjust from there.

1 lb a week is god yes.

Hope that helps,

I agree. At your current rate of gain, you’ve found the right kcal intake (the lower one). Even 1 lb. per week is so fast that it’s not likely to be mostly muscle. (Depends in part on how long you’ve been lifting.)

Quick fact: The average college age male is estimated to need 3000 kcal per day to maintain his body mass. (Adding 300-500kcal daily on top of this would indicated a surplus for reasonable muscle gain in most circumstances. John does have some interestig thoughts on large energy flux, however, IIRC.)

Thanks a lot for the reply guys.

Lonnie, i’ve been training doing GVT, almost at the end of prep phase 1. What do you recon is a good stable weekly gain?

My weights gains oscillate between 0.5 and 1 pound a week, but gerenally it’s closer to 1 pound. I AM a newbie though, started training only about 5 months ago.

I think i’ll stick to this caloric intake as it’s working pretty well. But i’m going to read more about JB’s ideas as i’ve learnt a lot from him already (and you Lonnie)