caloric intake and thermogenics

does anyone know the role of a thermogenic in fat loss specifically on a reduced calorie diet , and secondly is it taken into account when calculating the amount of calories to be ingested.

Perhaps it is just me but your question seems a bit peculiar. As you probably know, thermogenics is your body’s heat for lack of a scientific discussion, and when you eat food, your body heats up to provide the energy to break food down and digest it. Therefor, the more that you eat, the more heat your body produces to digest the food. Fats and Carbs do not requires much energy to break down and so they do not “burn” as warm as protiens do but that is starting to side step.

When you are on a reduced calorie diet, you will obviously be breakind down less food as you will be consuming less, so your thermogenics will much less. When you eat protien, thirty percent of the calories you get from protien are actually spent breaking down the protien where as fat and carb breakdown is between 5-10%. It is in direct relation to the food you eat more so than how much. Obviously the more you eat the warmer you get but that doesn’t really bring you to an answer.

What exactly you mean by accounting for it, I don’t understand it. If you are eating 1000 calories a day, 10-15% of your calories are spent digesting your food, if you eat 3000 calories, 10-15% of your calories are spent digesting your food, there is nothing to account for. The only change is a direct proportion assuming you are eating the same macro make ups.

If you are shooting to lose weight, upping your protien is always a good idea because it requires more calories to digest and thus ups your daily caloric needs but beyond that, eating more or less doesn’t really have an effect on the thermogenic qualities of the foods themselves. Hope that helps. If I haven’t gotten what you are looking for, perhaps try asking what you want to know in another way… or maybe I have just had a long day and am missing your point. Best of luck! J.

sorry j, i should have been more clear. when i said thermogenics it was in reference to products such as ephedrine .

Sorry to have not answered your question, let me try again.

To make this short and sweet, again, the various thermogenics increase your “inner fire” if you will raising your basal metabolic rate so that you can get ahead. This boost comes at a price though, with caff, it is a lowered insulin sensitivity and with eph, well, suffice it to say that was pulled from shelves. Anyway, the point in taking a thermogenic product would be to raise your metabolic rate and ultimately to increase your calorie defecit. You don’t really account for this per se, if you eat more to fill the void, you have wasted your money on the the thermogenic because you have negated the extra couple hundred calories it burned.

In short, if you weigh 150 and your basal metabolic rate is roughly 2000 calories and you want to cut down to 1500 calories a day, you only drop 500 calories a day but if you are on a thermo and your metabolic goes to 2400, you are dropping 900 a day which means you’ll drop the weight basically twice as fast on the same diet. Hope that helps. J