Caloric intake and fresh breath

I’m trying to keep up with every calorie I consume in my food journal, and also to maximize my caloric intake per day, but there’s one aspect of my diet that’s really got me stumped. Here’s my question… what type of toothpaste is best for someone looking to gain weight?

I brush my teeth three times a day like my dentist recommends, and each time I know that I end up swallowing a little, but I can’t for the life of me find nutrition facts on the boxes or tubes! Right now I use Crest and I think that’s a good choice because it’s generally sweeter than, say, Colgate, so I assume it has more calories, but again I can’t find any info. Please help!

Also, ever since I found out that tic-tacs are 1 and 1/2 calories apiece, I’ve been able to add another 100-150 calories per day to my diet, and keep my breath smelling icy fresh at the same time. Pretty good weight gain strategy, eh?


Rather partial to Colgate with baking soda myself. Very thick, nice aftertaste.

Wait. I mean…

Pick up some Altoids. Try not to eat 'em in place of dinner.



Branch high and strong enough? Check.

Rope securely tied to branch? Check.

Rope fastened tightly around self’s neck? Check.

Positioned on top step of ladder? Check.

Now, joyful that I no longer have to subject myself to such posts ever again, ready to hurl oneself from ladder? Check.


This has got to be a joke.

It’s amazing how two people, both with the intials “JMB,” can be on such completely different intellectual levels.

This one has got to go in the “T-Mag Thread Hall of Fame (or shame depending on your perspective)” if such a thing ever exists. Wow.

holy shit your anal. do you want the caloric value if floss too?

This is OBVIOUSLY a joke, and I actually think it’s kinda clever.

Toothpaste should be nearly calorie-free- I wouldn’t expect sugar to be in it (at least I hope not). Eating 150 tic tacs a day to gain weight and maintain fresh, minty breath is an excellent strategy. Just excellent. Holy shit.

Bro, your trippin!

You know you’re too much of a T-Freak when…

Btw, Eric Creesey, where are you? We just got freezing rain here in Buffalo last night and I think God is probably pissed at us for something.

JMB, you take this shit way to seriously. Get a Life, take a break !!

Hmm… yeah… this would be a joke.

However I often wonder how long it takes me after a use a tictac to burn it away. Actually I guess I’m burning more calories just sucking on the thing…


I brush my teeth with Low Carb Grow. It gives me a fresh clean, almost as if I were chewing mint tobacco.

chrismcl-I’m in Kennebunk, Maine; we’ve gotten 6-7 inches since Thursday, and it’s still coming down. They expect it to slow down tonight, and start back up on Tuesday. The Portland Sea Dogs’ opening day has been postponed indefinitely!

And I thought I was anal when I wanted to know the calories and nutritional breakdown for human blood cuz I cut my lips once and swallowed some of my own blood…