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Caloric Deficit or Surplus?



I am 1 week into trt, 160mg test c split 2x a week (80mg per pin). No AI yet (am doing 300mg grape seed extract a day), doc suggested to wait until next lab work to determine impact on e2 which was 30… I know, already high. Hence why I thought to try GSE.

Anyhow, my question is this: one month ago pre trt, I changed my lifestyle. No booze, clean eating and calorie counting. TDEE is 2200 calories a day. I was religious in hitting that and the respective macros. After one month, weight stayed the same, body fat dropped almost 1% to 17% and lean muscle went up. I am trying to get down to 10% body fat ASAP but in a healthy manner. I am not too concerned about being a huge muscular guy but overall ripped. I am thinking to cut calories to 2000 a day, but will this severally impact the benefits of trt like lean muscle growth/development? Should I eat at a caloric surplus while on trt? Again, hoping to drop body fat while continuing to gain lean muscle slowly…

Outside of trt, I use creatine for a supplement and that’s it. I am in the gym for about an hour a day, 5 days a week and lift heavy. Yoga 5 days as well.


Height, weight, what did you eat yesterday, some actual info pertinent to weight loss please.