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Caloric Deficit on Non-Training Days During Bulk Phase?

Probably a stupid question . My goal is gaining minimum body fat (currently at 10%) while adding 15lbs muscle. Would it help or hurt my cause to be in a slight calorie deficit on my non training days?
Currently doing Waterbury’s “Total body training “ program.

Is that a 3or 4 day Waterbury program? What time of day do you train?

I wouldn’t be depriving my body of calories on the day it is trying to recover.

Minimise fat gain by keeping your weight gain slow (0.5-2lbs/week).

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One on, one off and so on. I train around 4:00PM

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Another option -presuming you’re on a surplus just lower your calories to maintenance or a smaller surplus and do 45 mins HIIT cardio/conditioning work on one or two of your off days

I went on a surplus/bulk back in the spring and feel like the only thing I got was fat. So I spent the summer and early fall learning out. Now leaner than I’ve ever been.

So now it’s my first week on what I’m trying to ake a “clean bulk”, I’m just scared to death of getting fat again, LOL.

This is my first go at this cutting and then bulking thing so I’m learning, asking lots of questions.

I was eating approximately 2000cals a day when I cut, so I’ve upped it to 3000 on training days. I guess I’ll reasses after a week or so. If I’m able to add a little weight to the bar or more reps every workout and I’m gaining about a pound a week I must be doin it correct, right?

Too fast/too many calories or not enough of a training stimulus to put on muscle e.g. lifts going up or the mirror playing tricks on you.

Try not to have too much approximating going on. A 1000 cal more seems a bit much but if the scale weight isn’t shooting up too fast its probably appropriate.

Sounds about right. Monitor to make sure you are keeping on track and bulk as long as required.

I think that was a huge part of my problem, wasn’t tracking my workouts, reps, weight etc. so no true progressive overload. I am now

Ok sounds good, yep reassess in a couple of weeks. Its a good program but as only 3 days a week make sure you really bring it and keep pushng the weight up.
If do start getting fluffy loads of other templates and tweaks we can advise also

Your overall diet is more important then a single day.

Get rid of the bulk mentality and eat to get to your goal.

A day will not have that much of an impact over two years.

  1. Nutrient timing
  2. Smart supplementation
  3. Metabolic Conditioning

These three really help in keeping fat gain at a minimum while building muscle. I’m on a cut right now and still building size and strength.