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Caloric Deficit for Fat Loss?

I don’t understand the whole calorie deficit and weight loss?Does this mean I’m burning fat after a calorie deficit?or muscle?I’m trying to maintain my muscle,I only have a bit of fat to trim ONLY on my chest.I understand targeting areas doesn’t work.I’m 175lb and wondering what’s the fastest way to trim some fat.

Clean your diet.

But the fastest way is too Google the countless articles/spills/forums on the subject.

Also, you say that you weigh 175. So? We know nothing about you.

Put in your typical diet.
You height.
Years working out.
Your current program.
Your age.
Picture of that “fat” on your chest???

[quote]JFG wrote:
Picture of that “fat” on your chest???

SHOW US YOUR TITS!!! You lose a bunch of weight or something? 175 lbs. I can’t imagine someone having moobs. At that weight you should have no problem putting on some muscle that’ll eat it up better than starving yourself.

I don’t even know how to answer this question. Your body doesn’t need to burn fat stores for energy if you are eating enough that its energy needs are met from food.

Read some Beradi, Thibs and Wendler articles

Keep a food log, get to know your food. Food will be your best friend.

Here’s an offline one i use from time to time to see where im at.


Eat at maintenance,… than add 5 good sessions a week of HIIT. Try tire sled drags with a weight in it, start on 20kg and do 50m sprints, work up to 100m sprints. Do as many as you can in say 20-30min. That will shred you up without loosing much muscle. I’m not 100% sure on this, but if you try to loose fat, you will evidently loose a little muscle also, as your in a catabolic not anabolic state, maybe I’m wrong on the muscle loss, but I’m having good results with fat loss doing the above and I feel like I haven’t lost much if any muscle, I definitely got a bit stronger as my lifts a creeping up, and HIIT cardio has had a tremendous affect on my breathing when doing heavy squats, its way better now.