Caloric Deficit, but Feel Extremely Full When Hitting Nutrition Goals

Since dieting (about a month) and began reaching my necessary protein, carb, and fat intake, I have been feeling extremely full every day due to reaching my intake requirements. So is this normal or did I do my calculations wrong? Just for reference I’m just focused on the core three Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fat but if you have any recommendations for any other nutrients to add on that’ll be great. Any help would great

My Calculations and Research
Age- 20
Height- 5.9
Body Weight- 171 Lbs. (16 calories per lbs. of bodyweight)
Caloric maintenance- 2736 calories (16 x 171)
Calorie deficit- 2300 (subtract 500 calories from original total calorie intake)
Fat- 0.3 g per pound of body weight, (9 calories per gram)
Carbs- 1 g per pound of body weight (4 calories per gram)
Protein- rest of calories (4 calories per gram)

My daily intake requirements
Fat= 52 grams/ 468 calories,
Protein= 171 grams/ 684 calories
Carbs= 290 grams/1160 calories (468+684=1146-2300=1154 divided by 4= 290)

As far as feeling full, what you eat can have more of an affect than the number of calories, due to volume. For example, 500 cals of vegetables will likely fill you up a lot more than 500 cals of pizza.

If you’re in a deficit and losing weight, feeling full isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If it’s too uncomfortable, check your food choices and calorie density.

The other possibility is that you’re miscounting and eating more cals than you’re planning to.

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Are you losing weight?


Calorie calculations are great for a rough picture of where to start, but feeling really full doesn’t often go hand in hand with losing weight. Assuming you’re making good food choices, eat less or exercise harder.