Caloric Cycling: Cy, Bill, JMB,Brock, anyone?

First off, thanks to anyone who can answer/share and opinion on this, I appreciate it.

I have been cycling my calories on 2 day down, one day up type of program and am happy with the gradual fat loss (about 1-1/2 pounds every two weeks: slow and gradual i.e. safe :slight_smile: I keep my protein to 1-grams of pro. per day and and my fats to 50 grams a day. Maybe it would be more appropriate to say that I cycle my carbs. On the lower calorie days, I make sure i’m getting no more than 100 grams of carbs, then on the up day (day 3) I get in 300-400 grams. This is seems to ramp my metabolism back up and makes the next two lowered calories days all the more beneficial (metabolic rate going like hell on a negative calorie balance day = fat loss). Here’s my question: How does the number of calories affect thyroid production? Have I found a way to keep jamming up my natrual thyroid level or am I just getting lucky? I’m considering trying T2 Pro, but have to say, thanks to some bad drug episodes in my competition days and me living with the consequences now, I’m feeling a bit skittish. Thanks for anyone’s input.

OOPS! meant to say that I’m getting 1 gram per lb. of bodyweight, not just one gram! LOL