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Calluses Aren't Manly


... so says a good buddy of mine (he just got out of the marines late last year). ok, so i don't wear gloves while lifting, and i finally started using chalk this year (hallelujah), and sometimes my hands feel like sandpaper and are thick and bumpy in places. my gf doesn't complain, so i don't moisturize or anything, but ffs i thought calluses on a man's hands were... well, manly, and something to be proud of. it's not like they build up from curling in the squat rack...


I love calluses. Evidence of dedication.


There is nothing wrong with taking care of your hands, but I wouldn't worry about calluses--just make sure they don't crack. Most of my palms are covered in them.


Geez, how many palms do you have?


callouses are good but if your hands feel like sandpaper you should take care of that. Keeping yourself somewhat manicured isnt a bad thing. You girl might not complain but if your hands were a bit more smooth i'm sure she'd love it.

my hands have quite a few callouses but are still pretty smooth


i haven't had them crack but when they peel off sometimes they peel off straight to the dermis. now THAT is painful and a total pita, especially for work.

perhaps i'll start moisturizing after the gym...


One, the other one was blown off. :wink:


i have callouses and they certainly are good for protecting your hands. i try and keep them down a bit, though, with a footfile (or fine grained sandpaper would probably work). moisturizer helps to keep them softish so they are less likely to tear off or crack. or oil (e.g., olive or macademia - just rub a bit in when you are cooking or making salad lolz). apparently chalk will dry the hands out, too, so helps to wash it off good when you don't need it on your hands anymore.


In the shower, when your skin is soft, run a razor over your calluses and dead skin. It won't hurt, the skin is dead, but you can literally shave them down instead of ripping them off.



So basically, you wanted to say that you have calluses and are manly.


Ladies love my smooth touch.


Fapping is tricky when your calluses are acting up.

I'll have to try that razor-in-the-shower trick... usually they get trimmed with a sharp knife or my teeth.


Older men, especially those that were in the service, will judge a man by his hands and the calluses on it.

I was told this years back, and have since experienced and seen it to be very true. Callused hands are a sign that you are probably working hard and unafraid to get your hands dirty.

No gloves for me.


^ this is what I mean. my gf's father has been a roofer for over thirty years, the guy's hands are like bear claws covered in sandpaper. great guy, father and husband. but I guess calluses don't fit too well with the metrosexual stereotype? hence my friend's comment.

hah no wtf, then the thread would've gone like:

"Calluses Are Manly"

"... I have them and I don't care what you think."


Your buddy sounds like a pussy (especially if he was in the Marines) and do your girlfriend a favor and moisturize your hands, like everyone else has suggested. Just because she doesn't complain doesn't mean she likes it and knowing your hands are rough and hard and then touching your woman's (hopefully) soft supple skin sounds a bit selfish and insensitive.


coughcough baby oil+lotion = better faps


I use a nail clipper to dig right into the calluses and dead skin because I'm too impatient to file 'em down.
I'll try and go with the razor trick. I already got one razor for face, one for armpits and genital area, so I guess I'll designate another one to my hands...

Once and for all:
Calluses decrease performance in the farmer's walk or high-rep pulling exercises. A weaker grip and smaller back are not manly. /Discussion


ehhh in his defense, he was deployed and came under fire in Iraq, then the same thing in Afghanistan while going through a messy divorce THEN a lot of singing kumbaya with a therapist. damn therapists and their "it's ok to cry" stuff really sunk in unfortunately.

I do kid around with my gf sometimes and rub my calluses on her, and she goes "ewww stop". hmm there's a hint...


I've posted this pic a few times. I use a single edge razor to shave down my calluses. You don't want to remove the whole thing, or shave your skin raw. Just remove the rough top layers. Leaves my hands soft and lady-like.