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Callus Tear Problem


So last Sunday I deadlift a very heavy triple, when I tried to go for the forth rep a callus on my hand tore therefore weakend my grip. 2 days later I will be deadlifting heavy again but my callus didn' t heal yet so I know that If I go for a heavy deadlift It will tear again.
What should I do?


I would just wrap it up with athletic tape and wear straps. Maybe some gauze underneath for a bit of cushion and if it’s bleeding.


Simple. Use straps, or better yet, don’t pull heavy. Do a box squat at the same weight or something.

If you don’t let your callous repair itself, it’ll keep getting worse.


Moving forward keep your calluses shaved down…


[quote]BlueCollarTr8n wrote:
Moving forward keep your calluses shaved down…


That too. Also sanding them can work. Pumice stones, sandpaper, emery boards - all of them work.