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Callus/Hand Health Tips?


Hi CT, I have been doing a lot of heavy deadlifts with a hook grip, heavy rows, and farmers walks which I have all made great progress on. My grip is stronger and my forearms are bigger than ever. However, I find that my hands have torn up recently. My callus have been ripping and on a set of heavy deadlifts I ripped a significant amount of skin off of my palm which has caused discomfort in many movements.

Do you have any advice as to how to manage hand health to continue doing this movements heavy?



Are you chalking your hands? It won’t prevent callous from forming but keeps your hands dry so the callous doesn’t soften up and tear. At least that’s my experience from lifting and rock climbing.


Yeah I am using chalk


This video by Brian Alsruhe is helpful.


I used to suffer very badly from this too. I found setting about the areas in the shower with a pumice stone, or those graters your partner uses for their feet, once every 2 weeks or so did the trick. That said, I don’t deadlift or do loaded carries nearly as often now and that has really helped as they were the root cause.