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Callous/Blisters on Hands

Holy wtf lol, when I was in plifting in highschool I remember having bad callouses (sp?) on my hands and stuff but they never tore off like they are now. Seems like everytime I do deadlift now a bigass hunk of calloused skin comes off just below one of my fingers. It stings at first but not too bad when lifting but it really sucks when u wash your hands lol…

Do you guys ever use lotion after lifting on your hands or something to keep this from happening?

Nothing wrong with using lotion, and sometimes i go to bed with those green gloves that have a lanolin type moisturizer imbedded in the liner to keep my hands soft, dry skin in the winter. I use a product called badger during the day. And i sometimes use a nailfile to file down my calluses. Don’t care what anyone thinks, when calluses tear they sting when you wash them like you said. And when the calluses are softer they tend to give more and tear less likely.

i used to get them until i started using gloves. gloves are key.

I find gloves reduce my grip strength. Stopping the bar from slipping in your grip seems to be key (for me) in preventing tearing. Chalk, and the filing down of an calus that has rough edges, seems to do the trick. In the winter I’ll put some moisturizer on, just not right before deadlifting =p.

Yeah I have a pair of gloves, but they suck on deadlift. Chalk is what I normal use to keep the bar from slipping outta my hands. Guess I should just try to keep them moisturized and maybe file them. Not a big deal really but it does sting a bit.

Maybe you all just have “girl hands”.

Shave the callouses off before they get too thick and rip off easily.

Also, apply superglue if you have to.

[quote]fahd wrote:

Also, apply superglue if you have to.[/quote]

Well, that’s one way to solve the grip problem…


i have small hands and i get the callous’ from time to time,but ive had my hands near frostbiten quite a few times.I alson don’t like gloves because i cant grip as hard,cant use chalk at my gym,but ive found some foam frips that wrap around the bar that work quite well,or wrap your hands in rubber bands…

If you piss on your hands, it toughens the skin, haha.

[quote]Professor X wrote:
Maybe you all just have “girl hands”.[/quote]

girl hands are great, I can still deadlift and my girl loves them when I’m with her.

yea gloves kill me on dls. to make up for it i’ve started working on my grip.

I have the same problem. I like Harbinger’s Big Grip gloves, extra grip because of a special rubber padding they use and wrist wrap for extra support there. Hope that helps.


i hate gloves, the feel just isnt the same. maybe id like them if i gave em a chance, but I DONT WANT TO. and plus. callouses are just so damn manly. i just wait till mine are ready to peel off, then i cut them off with my knife or pick at em

You’re all a bunch of wusses. Hand lotion indeed…

And Professor, you’ll find they’re called “girly hands.”


[quote]DemiAjax wrote:
If you piss on your hands, it toughens the skin, haha. [/quote]

I’ve heard this before. Wonder if it’s true.

I have big soft hands. I was born with girly hands.

But my calluses are like pieces of wood. They are medals of honour and I would never do anything to make them smaller or softer.

If anyone’s here to become ‘small & soft’ then I think you’ve come to the wrong place.

I don’t know how you girls keep ripping your calluses off, maybe your calluses are weak cos you all seen to be rubbing moisturiser into them, maybe you’re not gripping the bar tightly enough. This is most important as otherwise you may break a nail which will require an emergency trip to a manicurist.

[quote]Professor X wrote:
Maybe you all just have “girl hands”.[/quote]


i get them too but nothing like you guys have. they just form a hard area below my finger and peel a little…not deep enough to burn though. weirdos :slight_smile:

[quote]Professor X wrote:
Maybe you all just have “girl hands”.[/quote]

HA! Screw that! I have big pieces of mangled meat for hands. Seriously. I think it’s manly to just jack your hands up…They’re totally covered in calluses and the parts that aren’t, I rub with sand paper every day. Then just for good measure I have the ol’ wife drive over them with her car once a week. And if I walk by a concrete wall…forget about it…

Since I never use gloves, I keep the callouses on my girly hands in check by shaving the tops off with a single edge razor blade. Don’t go too deep… you want to leave some hard skin so your delicate hands won’t sting and burn.
This keeps them smooth and low enough to prevent them ripping off when lifting.