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Calling UK Members


Ok, so the yanks have it made with Surge and Grow etc. but what stuff are UK/Ireland folks using?

Opinions on Maximuscle, USN etc?

Im using USN's Muscle Fuel and Maximuscles Creatamax (when I can afford it) and Protrient. I also sometimes buy Met-RX imports.


U can buy Biotest here, in particular off ebay, its not that cheap but you can get it. I don't rate maximuscle. Dorian Yates approved is ok.


Have really only started taking protein powders past 5 months. Started with maximuscle - mixed well, nice taste ?40/tub for 20ish servings i think.
Went to part time hours at work - got Dymatize elite protein 5lb tub for ?20 (77 servings) - mixes very well and mint chocolate is ace - not really sure how it measures up to other brands.
N.Ireland by the way.


optimum nutrition is the stuff for me. Also we now have a LOT of smaller independant companies selling unflavoured whey concentrates and isolates at cheaper prices. Also use their fish oils.

Ive tried a lot and once i settled on O.N. i rarely deviate. No gas, No bloating and nothing nasty to report (some brands give me a baaaaaaaaaad stomach).
Biotest stuff is available but since reading here that the stuff that is sold in other outlets isnt as potent i wouldnt bother

There are plenty of places to buy from if your in the know.


I use Dorian Yates Approved stuff and have since the day it was brought out.

Every now and again I end up having to by some other brand, but for some reason after a week or so they end up making me gag.

I went to uni with a guy who trained with one of the maximuscle sponsored athletes. Apparently, he had their stuff tested and it didn't stand up to scrutiny, so he quit his sponsorship.


Yeah Ive heard that Maximuscle stuff isnt all that good, they just spend shit loads on advertising.

Any opinions on USN?

Ryu - I live in NI too, where do you buy your stuff/train?


steelwheels - out of interest what products were tested and what was the result


I've started using Biotest about 6 weeks ago, and I'm very impressed. In those six weeks I've put on about 8 pounds of muscle, I've also improved the hell out of my diet though. I'm using Metabolic Drive, Surge, Spike, ZMA & Methoxy-7.


i use Surge, Metabolic Drive, ZMA. i purchased straight from this site and have been impressed with all the products so far and will be buying again. i'd advise anyone to buy direct off this site, it works out a ton cheaper than buying from a 3rd party on our soil.


Are they now shipping foreign orders via USPS? I just can't afford paying for transatlantic FedEx.


Maximuscle is just ridiculously expensive; even if I wasn't a poor grad student I still wouldn't buy their stuff.

For protein I buy Dymatize whey protein. The srawberry tastes great with milk, while the orange and the pina colada taste delicious with water or in fruitshakes.

Creatine and other powders I get from an online site. You can buy the stuff by weight, in a plastic bag, so you save good money that way. Now they're also selling fibre, which is great.


For protein powder, I mostly use Nutrisport 90+ protein. ?50 for 5kgs, and tastes decent too.

How much would everyone have to pay for Grow! where you get your supps?
I'd have to pay ?40 for 1kg. Quality or not, thats too damn much!


Wherever you can get Surge from, use it! That stuff is unique in its efficacy.


Live outside Dungannon Tyrone buy my stuff in Cookstown - a chemists there stocks creatine and protein powders.


my last order mid december went via fedex so i don't think so no. if you have a freind you could always order together to save on shipping cost.

i tend to buy bulk of several products so it works out cheaper in that sense.


Which online retailer are we talking about? :wink:
pm me if you don't want to post it please.


If you can afford to order shitloads of stuff in advance FedEx works out quite reasonable e.g. I ordered almost 900 bucks of supplements and shipping was 125. A lot of money on shipping for sure but when you divide it out you do OK.


Any thoughts on Prolab?


Me too please, this thread has made me decide that I just gotta try some Biotest stuff. Actually maybe this thread will make T-Nation/Biotest see that theres a market for them here and sort out some decent arrangements for us to get their products.


Cool, Im in Bangor and we have a supplement shop in town. My girlfriend is from Ballymena where the N.I. Maximuscle branch is, not that I'll be using Maximuscle again!!