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Calling The Owld Skool T-crew: Timbo, Char, Styles, ect.

Yo, My main T-mofos! ‘Tis been a while since we’ve collaborated or even wound up on the same post. I wanna hear from you guys! Ok, here we go “Wizard of Oz finale” style: Timmy: how’s my little frak doin’? What you been up to bro?
Whopper: Are you out of jail yet? What have you been eating?
Char-dog: We need to thorw up some intelligent retardedness on this “bored”. It’s getting as stale as the gum in a pack of 1990 Topps Baseball cards.
Great-Ass Styles: You havent even posted in the last month. How are the glutes? I hear that you waxed too much, tried to moon the driver of a tractor trailor, and he collided with a bus full of pre-pubecent cheerleaders who hav since joined the field hockey team.

Any of you psychos who I missed can feel free to chuck up on this post. Oh, I do have a cool story for you guys: Yesterday at camp there was a HUGE ass thunderstorm and our group was stuck in a large canvas tent (think of a long half circle with no floor) anyways this thing has a metal structure under the almost-thick canvas. The lightning seemed to be hitting right next to the friggin' cabin (I learned from my friend later on, that lightning actually struck the metal grate on the tent 3-4 times while we were inside) Anyways, whiel we attempted to keep the kids calm, one got so scared that he puked on my co-counsellor's shoes. Storm literally scared the puke out of him. Can't wait to hear from you bastards. Lata.

"MB Eric: Reigning supreme and makin' chix cream since 0013."


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