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Calling T-Chefs and T-Chefettes

Hey all. I just recently returned home from college and am going to start having to cook for myself. I am looking for recipes that follow the P+C or P+F guidelines set out in Berardi’s Massive Eating articles. I am not that great of a cook, but when told what to do, I can get by So eseentially, I would love for all of you to post what you guys eat for meals throughout the day, and I mean everything. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, PWO, everything. If we can all throw new meal ideas out there I think it would be a great way for other readers of the board to get to try some new stuff they hadn’t thought of. My personal favorite is two slices of wheat bread, 3 chicken breasts, grilled onions and a smidgen of BBQ sauce. Comes out to about 80 grams of protien and 42 carbs. So, post those recipes! (Try and include what you use (i.e. what brand and how much). Thanks!