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Calling Out the <25 Age Crowd



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In light of the recent call-outs (read: major disappointments) in the T-Cell Alpha subforum (ahzaz and djwhizkid), I have taken it upon myself to prove to the vets/old-timers that there are guys under the age of 25 who do have the desire to put on strength/size. I was dead set on going on a 12-week fat-loss blitz, but fuck it. It's time for some balls-to-the-wall mass-building (albeit clean... no McDonald's or XL deep dish pan pizzas for me).

I really don't have any street cred: I'm skinny fat and have only been lifting consistently and eating right for a few months. But by putting myself out there, I guarantee there will be results. If they're not great results, I hope that some of you vets can help me pinpoint what I can improve on.

If you'd like to join me in this journey, do the following:

1) Start a log in the Training Logs section,
2) Post beginning stats (age, weight, height, BF%, skill level),
3) Post workout stats (bench, squat, deadlift... throw in press and power clean if you'd like),
4) Post a beginning photo (front, back, side... all relaxed unless you have something to show),
5) Post your short-term (~3-6 months) and long-term (~2-3 years) goals, and
6) Come back to this thread and post a link to your thread.


If you already have a log, post the link here anyways so we can keep each other accountable.

First call-out: September 1, 2009.

Get ready boys. Let's throw around some fucking weight.

In the mean time, check out WS4JB's Brotherhood of Iron 3.0 thread. Lots of motivated guys on there, and many of them are <25.



This is Matthaeus's friend posting this

Lets do this shit! Here is a link to our log.


Basically my goal is to lose 4-6 inch's off my waist and box squat 315x8 within the next 3 months.

Starting pics will be coming to a training log near you...as soon as one of us buys a digital camera...


it seems to me the under 25 crowd on this site are the ones doing the most.

Hussayn just did a show, DG has done numerous shows, Waylander is doing pretty good for himself, HolyMac is big and can do a back flip. theres a buncha 500+ squatters and all around stong mofo's in Strength Sports

the biggest guy at my gym is probaly 24-25 too

ok, theres a bunch of young retards like type2b, jerm, whizkid, who ever that soccer player is etc. you know why? most people get into weight lifting around the same time. except nowadays they have internet access and can fill up more space so what we get is a bunch of people who just discovered weightlifting all coming here and maybe 1/10 or 1/20 even are actually serious about it to make any progress whatsoever. the rest jut come here when BBing is a cool new thing for them but after their newb gains stop and they lose interest they dont go away, they just linger and flood the forums with bullshit.

@ OP youve been on this site for 5 years and you've only been training consistently for a few months?

ARE YOU SERIOUS????! not to be a dick...ok, im being a huge dick, but if youve been exposed to this for 5 years and you've JUST decided to take a stab at this...or this is like your 6th or 10th time trying to get back in, just fucking quit.



you mofo's better not fuck up. otherwise you're gonna make us all look bad.

good luck


My victory is all but assured!

BTW don't forget to call me out on Sept 1st Holymac!


I went from 160lb to 175lb since late feb of this year and actually lost bodyfat while doing it (9.8% last tested) super metabolism go!

23 years old
6 feet tall

just started the BIG 3 in March/April and they're steadily going up.

Squat: 155x6
Bench: 155x6
Deadlift: 225x6

Goal is to put on another 10 pounds of lean muscle without hopefully adding any BF and to hopefully get 1.5x bodyweight in all the big 3.


How do people like that end up in t-cell alpha anyway?


Age: 20
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 202 lbs
BF%: 10-11%
Level: 1.5 years serious lifting so..Beginner.

Workout stats:
Bench: 365
Squat: 425.. recovering from complete tear in quadriceps.
Deadlift: 495

Short term:
Bench: 405 before turning 21 (april 2010)
Squat: 500
Deadlift: 550
Weight: As big as I can get without being dumb.

Long term:
compete in national level shows between 198-210 lbs. with solid chance to take pro card.


i'm in. gives me more motivation to work even harder.


just started a log.


Age: 21 (22 in a month)
Height: 6'4''
Weight: 250lbs - 255lbs
Bodyfat: Not sure, soft but not fat.
Years Training: 3ish

Benchpress: 325lbs
Squat: 405lbs
Deadlift: 500lbs
Clean & Jerk: 245lbs

Bench: 405lbs
Squat: 500lbs
Deadlift: 600lbs
Bodyweight: 300lbs

I already have a log that's been going for some 5-6 months now.



Age: 17
Height: 5'10
Weight: 170lbs
Bodyfat: No idea, probably somewhere in the 13-15% area, upper 3-4 abs somewhat visible when flexed.
Years Training: almost a year, tho only halfway serious since last 4-5 months

Lifts (1RM)
Bench: 200lbs
Squat: 230lbs
Deadlift: 310lbs

Goals (hopefully within this year, so somewhat short term I guess):
Don't care too much for my bench, never liked the exercise. But at least getting to 220 would be nice.
Don't have a distinct goal for my squat, but it's going up nice and steady on a weekly basis so far :slight_smile:
The deadlift is my favorite exercise. I'd like to try to push for a 1RM 440lbs, maybe not doable within this year, but what the heck.
I'd also like to weight around 190lbs, and increase my arm circumference by at least 1-1.5 inches.
I also don't give two shits about putting on some additional speck if I am able to attain my goals.

Link to my log. No pics up, don't think it's justified yet :slight_smile:

See you all in 6 months.


Nice timing, just created mine this saturday..



September 1 it is.


I have to agree. I like how all of a sudden being a certain age is the only way to be "hardcore." Age ain't nothing but a number... you're either a pussy or you aren't.

For as many people under 25 that are worthless with poor physiques, I'll betcha I could find more from people that are OVER 25.

I don't need to make others "call me out" to give myself a false sense of grandeur. I don't need anyone to hold my hand through this... And why all of a sudden is everyone deciding to be
'accountable?' Shouldn't this have been the case from day one?


@LiveFromThe781: Points taken. And your "huge dick" comments are what I live for. Honesty and skepticism are the keys to success. (As an aside, I definitely fell into that "young retards" group when I was younger, but now I've realized the importance of building muscle when my hormones are in my favor. The point of this thread is to get those young guys interested, motivated, and accountable.)

@WS4JB: Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I was a bit intimidated by the 137 pages (and counting) of posts, but I'll just get up to speed by reading the last 10 or so pages and go from there. I'll throw that link up in the OP.

@G87: From what I've read, some of the vets invited a few of these young guys in hopes of mentoring them and getting them started early. In 2 instances, it has failed.


I've been calling myself out multiple times a week. It's called going to the gym and beating your previous records.

I've been kicking ass in the past few weeks after a minor set back. Up 6+lbs to 211lbs and all my lifts are up; except shrugs lol.

Call me out anytime. I'm always game for a challenge and am always striving to improve.

I'll post my "stats" and shit sometime this summer.


They were chosen based on how they write for the most part. A year ago, a couple of those guys came across as much more serious. They apparently aren't.


Age: 17
Height: 5'10
Weight: 147
BF%: 10
Level: Beginner

Workout stats:
Bench: 185 1RM
Squat: 135X5 (I know bad, just started working legs out again)
Deadlift: 170X5

ST: Get all lifts over 250, focus on legs much more, get to 165 pounds
LT: Squat and Deadlift over 400, bench over 300

I am planning on doing the Starting Strength Program over the summer and I will let you guys know how it goes.


I'm 19


I'm kind of recovering from a bad shin splint and a twisted knee so pretty much anything that involves leg drive is out, but as soon as it's healed up, I'll sign up.

Age : 16
Heigh : 5'11
Weight : 221-223 (varies from day to day)
Bodyfay : Last time I checked it was 14% so I'm guessing around 17-18% now, will get measured soon.

Bench 225
Squat 275
Deadlift 345

Goals :
300 bench, 350 squat and 400 deadlift by the end of the year.

I hope that within the course of next week I'll be able to start Westside for Skinny Bastards, from what I've heard it's really good at adding both size and strength to teens.

Log (just opened):

As for the whole undermotivation thing, the older generation has to remember that they've been in the game far longer than any of us, thus know the routine better and know exactly what they can and cannot do.