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Calling out Montreal, QC


Anybody from Montreal, QC here? If so, where abouts? And which gym do you work out at ?


MTL here!!! Train near the AMC. U?

Does suburb counts?..
Ah shoot, I know it. Anyway, I’m not far away, so I in.

East End - (St Leonard) I used to train at Nautilus but got really expensive. So now, I go to Metropolis in RDP.

Anybody looking for a training partner?

I go to McGill and train and the McGill Gym, 15 bucks a semester kind of hard to beat.

I might be moving to Montreal sometime within the next 6 months (hopefully).

St.laurent -Powerflex

I workout at Pro Gym Serge Moreau in Hochelaga. It is known as the biggest gym in the world!

By the way, I think Pro Gym is the less expensive one regarding membership fees.

bigup mtl, guess wat gym i go to

I trained at GYMZONE on decarie for 10 years ( near tristar ).Cause of schedule been training at home for the last year.

I train at “Gym Expert” in Verdun.

20$ per month.

Typical Montreal gym + GHR + 2 Olympic platforms with bumper plates.

Hardly a specialized gym, but at least not a franchise.

i train there too

i train there too