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Calling Out Kerley


Kerley - have you ever seen the inside of a gym? Do you just post about fitness and nutrition and not practice it?

I have never seen a good post from you. You post all the time and I have only seen this one clothed photo where you look small and/or fat.

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Celtics2022 strikes again.


This is going to be interesting.


Is the first post worth disabling 'ignore' for?


Ohh Ohh Do me next!



know about it.


Kerley, what is your routine?




Celtic, the kid's 18 years old ..

It says something about YOU when you're all hot and bothered over what someone barely out of diapers has to say about anything (aside from Fapping. Kerley is well versed in the fap ... he could probably out fap you any day of the week ... not that I want to know if that actually happens)

holy moley this is what's we r doing now, calling out master fappers...

And please, Celtic, change your name on this site, you might jinx the Celtics and they'll lose to Whore-Lando.



Leave SuzyQ alone.......He looks cute in that catholic schoolgirls outfit.

If I do say so meeself!


Ha I seen a pic of Kerley on Fbook with peroxide blonde hair

He looks like Ric Flair with a coke habit.

Regardless he's a good kid.


Yea that's another thing .. his damn nickname on this site is fucking SuzyQ ... i mean come'on now


Kerley owns. Celtics, you are dire.


tricep kick backs super setted with air guitar.


i lol'd


Kerley's my boy...dont fuck with him.


hahahah awesome!

I love Celtics threads. Full of lulz



Hey, Kerley looks a lot like my nephew!
Nephew = 6'2, 270 @ 16 years old.


What constitutes good? 90% of his posts are funny as hell. And from what I've seen, he gives good advice when he's being cereal.

Celtics: You make progress but maybe, just maybe, you should post less. Or at least use the preview button before you request bimonthly glute pics.


Even the mods picked up on calling him SuzieQ how did you not?

Oh and screw you Polo you punks got lucky, and by lucky I mean dirty. Foul foul foul, wait for it, foul, foul, foul. Good game! Actually both teams played pretty shitty in game 1 all fouls and turnovers.