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Calling Out CountingBeans

Dude, you’re all over this forum. I go to check Bodybuilding Training and see your thread about your goals for the summer. Then, I read further and see you mentioning how you want people to put up video. Then someone mentions my username and you say that you are also in Mass and would train with me if I lived close enough.

Guess what? It will never happen! Why?

  1. Look at your body! Look at your post count compared to your join date! Fucking change your routine, man! Shits not fucking working for you! Donâ??t fucking do low reps on anything anymore.

Seriously, with your physique and having a goal of - DB Press the 125’s for a sloppy 3 - I dont even know what to say. I’m just shaking my head in shame.

You need to RE-EVALUATE what you’re doing. Once you actually look close to my size I may disclose my location.

Otherwise, what you’re doing is powerlifting yet posting in the bodybuilding forum.

That is all. Go Lakers.

Damn Celtz youre beastin everyone.

Hey Celts, I’ve been a member since 05, and I’m weaker and fatter than Beans, but guess what? I don’t give a shit. Who gives a fuck where he posts? At least he doesn’t live with his Mom, who bitches him out for being HAYOOOGE!


you are so fucked


Obviously, you were given more balls than brains.

Edit: Beans shits harder than you work, Forest. I suggest that you focus on your own progress, instead of attempting to find fault in others.

I just love how he’s always copying everyone else’s poses. Classic celtics right here, fellas.

LMAO, he even stripped down to his boxers strictly to copy the CB’s pic! You guys are missing the humor!

On a scale of fuckability…Beans is OFF the scale. You, sir…are pathetic and probably still a virgin. Go out, hire a hooker, and lose that v-card.

And stop being a hypochondriacal douche. You are totally giving my heritage (Celtics, pronounced Keltics) a bad name.

celtics is a beast. no one is safe.

Notice how he’s in front of Beans also, like he’s ready to feel Beans’ beans and franks up inside him?

That’s classic Celtics


[quote]LankyMofo wrote:
LMAO, he even stripped down to his boxers strictly to copy the CB’s pic! You guys are missing the humor![/quote]

Well, he is seriously missing something! Beans is…definitely showing a bit more…manliness, shall we say? :wink:

Anyone ever watch WWF/E ? Remember Jonathen Coachmen? Celtics is a smaller version of him, no?

I thought this was going to be a parody…

Celtics you are a festering sore on the cock of this forum.

Someone needs to re-evaluate some shit, seriously