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Calling On All Highschool Football Players


Hows it goin everyone Im a Highschool football Player and Football is my life I love everyhting about it. Playing, watching, training, coaching (pop wearner) and everything that goes along with it. Im setting this up as a forum for anyone who has a sick football story to tell. Whether it was makeing a sack to finish up the state championchip game or running back a kickoff to get those last points to bring your team to victory on thanksgiving. Whatever the situation if it was a sick play and happend in a highschool football game then I wanna hear about it so send'em in I know u got some good ones. -TK-


I bet you are one sick Player man. Do you get up in their Mugs and tell Them how sick you are? I wish when I was in High School I was as sick as you are now. I bet when you are 40 working down at the local supermarket you'll be telling everybody how Sick you were in High School Football.


Man, if coach would have put me in back in '82 we woulda' won state!


When I was a sophomore I was the starting JV quarterback. I threw 9 touchdowns that year. Unfortunately, 5 of them were to the other team.