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Calling Mike Mahler - Henry Rollins Interview


Just a friendly reminder Mike, in February you made the following statement:

Some of us are still keen for that interview.


What! Henry Rollins on T-Nation That would rock!




Heres my vote to get Rollins on our team.

T-Nation and Rollins just seem to make the perfect couple.



Thanks for the reminder and I will see what I can do.


any time now big guy :stuck_out_tongue: and make sure u get alot of lifting questions


I hope Mike can make this happen, cause Henry rocks.


Man, Harley is one bad ass too! Damn I love the cro-mags !!!


i got to hang with hank [i call him hank] last night.and we bullshited about when he was at the wiskey and how much of a toll greg ginn is and the war and shit like that. i remembered to ask him and he said he hasnt done any max singles in 5 yrs. still looks good though. and for the guy who said rollins wasnt tall only 5'10 or something i got 2 picts [ones blury] of rollins standing with me and i tower above him. im 6'2 and hes about 5'6.

plus its funny to see me giggle like the fan bou i am when he said ur to fucking big and mean for clubs in LA. thats right insert blush and giggle and mouth breathing here. but hank [ yeah i call him hank] was as cool as every other time i have seen him.







Yes, I agree.


Damn straight.

Gonna be waiting for it until it's here.


I just saw Henry walking down Wisconsin Ave. here in DC the other day. If I am see him again I will be sure to ask him. :wink:


rollins wrote an article some time back in details magazine called iron about how he got started in weights.. great quick read..