Calling Kiwi's

How many New Zealanders read this forum, hyphnz,i picked up you are from the “O” anyone else?

Yup. Live on the North Shore of Auckland.

I live about 30mins outside Manukau. Small town stuff.

Bloody JAFA’s should have known :slight_smile:

There was/is at least another 1 from Dunedin (lazyeyepsycho), 1 Invercargill (kiwi), and at least 2 from Wellington.
There is 1 I met in ChCh who reads the mag anyway, Renegade Training is pretty distinctive and he picked it straight away.

What everyones Training age, Age, Height, Weight, BF%, etc.

Here’s mine
Age: 17
Training age: 7 months (7months proper training & diet, found T-mag almost straight away)
Weight: 77kg (atarted at 69kg @ 10%)
BF: 10% (usually stable at 8, mass phase atm)
Height: 5’11"

I’m from the North Shore in Auckland too

If you go into Mt T-Forums and click on Edit Profile, you can add those stats (excpet age), then if anyone clicks on your name in a post etc they can see it.

I dont think lazyeye is here anymore, but I am also from dunners, altho I dont post much in the end.

Found another today in Queenstown, reads the mag only at this stage. Would be good to have him on the forum as he trained with Charles Poloquin and owns the gym there.

yeah im another shore boy. im waiting for richard or rob to answer from diirty ol’ Les mills at taka, i know you guys read this shit!
get active, you guys have knowledge to share… oh and rich, stop talking to all the hot chicks and do some work

training for about 5 years ( when i left school)
started at 68kg at 6 foot (1998) got up to 104kg in feb 2001, i have now lost abit of size and am back down to 91 and starting a diet. i wish i had keep training thru-out 2001… bloody lazy uni student…

West Harbour, Auckland. Yep a westie!

Wellington :slight_smile: