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Calling Hockey Players


Just wondering if there's any hockey players out there. I've been playing since I was 10, so for 12 years now. The highest level I played was an unsanctioned junior A league that folded after my 2nd season. I had 4 goals and about 150 or so PIM's in my 2nd season in maybe 40 games or so, I can't remember the exact stats. One of my favorite players is Henrik Zetterberg of the Red Wings. I can't be the only hockey player here so don't be shy!


no fricken hockey players out there?


I try and play hockey.

This beer league season I'm just playing goal for a guy that I work with's team.

We finished 1st in our league in the regular season for the fall session and promptly got bounced in the semi, our first playoff game.

And the closest I came to the big time was working for Clarkson University's D1 men's team when I was in college doing video work.


I used to play Junior B up here in Canada. Since I turned 20 (the age limit for Junior hockey) I've been persuing an education in exercise science and athletic therapy ever since and hope to get right back into the hockey community right after I graduate in April.


I play roller hockey with my friends in the public rinks around here.


I quit playing when I was 15. Am Canadian. Had a coach who made it no fun and I was not great, so I continued with other sports. Excelled in track and football, got an education ( P.E. degree and Exer. Phys degree) and now work with athletes in Europe.

Now 30 years later, and in Europe, I am working with hockey players. Got the chance to skate with them this summer, when I was doing their dryland program. They figured that as a Canadian I should be able to skate. I was brutal, as I have been on ice about 10 times in the past 30 years. But the bug bit me and I bought the gear.

Will be 46 soon, but have found some guys who I can play with and have fun. On ice max 4 x per week, minimum 2 x (when healthy).

Loving it. Is a bit frustrating as learning to skate well is a slow process. But it is sooooo much fun. A great GPP alternative for an old guy, instead of riding a stationary bike or rowing machine. Have bad knees so can't run.

Any thoughts on the upcoming Olympic Games and the hockey tourney there???


I stumbled onto T-Nation because I was searching for hockey training info. I'm 35 and started playing
at 32. When you can barely skate to start out, every game is an improvment. My goal is to see how good I can get even with such a late start. Duing winter here in Canada you can play everyday for free at outdoor rinks. It has made me love winter finally.
I find that I can only weight train twice a week and then only upper body because skating really works your legs, hip flexors and lower back. I'd like to hear what other players are doing in the gym while playing hockey regularly.


I am 18 and a freshman at UNC. I played midget major AAA hockey my jr and sr years in high school and went to nationals both years. I am a defenseman but too slow to really make it so I obviously chose a quality education over pursuing big time hockey. As you can imagine club hockey in the south is not very competitive but I still love to play.



I have played since I was about 10 on both boys and girls teams. I had hoped to be the first girl to make the high school varsity team, but separated my shoulder during tryouts my senior year :frowning: I played 4 years of Div.3 college hockey at RIT and was an ECAC all-star (defense) my junior year.

After college I played for a few years in a weekend womens league, but stopped when I was busy starting a career and going away weekends with my boyfriend (now husband). My local high school started a girls team and I was the asst coach for 4 years, but stopped after baby #1.

Since getting into good shape this past year, I have been really itching to play again - I couldn't believe it had been 10 years since I played on a team! I started playing on a casual women's team just for fun and am LOVING it. I'm still scraping the rust off, but feeling strong on the ice. And I can't believe that I'm actually one of the youngest women on the team!

Sorry for the novel, but anyway I'm just really having a good time getting out on the ice again.


Hockey guys are reaal cute. And nice.
Some play girls like football guys-but the others are just so great.


I played club in college and now I'm just playing occasional pickups before men's league. Speaking of which, I need to get off my ass and sign up...


I played Double "A" hockey almost 20 years ago.(Ontario, Canada) Never really had that little bit extra when I was younger to take it to the next level, which was Triple "A" (Major) at the time. I had the speed, but the size was never there. I still manage to play pick up hockey and play in a men's league twice a week.

I know some on this thread will disagree with me here, but I actually prefer international or European style hockey verses North American. It's a much more open game, more of a finesse element to it, where as here, that defensive style of the "trap" just takes the entertainment element out of the game.


i played club in college too

whered you go?


have played in some league or other since I was about 7 as I come from a little hic town in the middle of nowhere and every event in town seems to center around the rink


I started back when I was in the 7th grade. First year as a C player, then moved up to B, A, AA, then left home at 16 to play Prep up north (CMA, in IN) Did that for two years then looked into Colleges. Was told by my folks..the ones that would be paying for college that they wanted me to go somewhere for an education and not for hockey, so ended up somewhere with only a D3 team... couldn't stand the quality of play and walked off the team 2 weeks after joining, havn't set foot on the ice since (Other than Prep Reunion Scrimage, got a shutout, haha!). But hands down those two years of Prep Hockey were the most fun I've had in my life. Maybe one day I'll play beer league...I dunno...


I was in a scrimage with a few Swede's (They were on their national 18 and under team) when I was 17 at the University of Michigan. Man, those kids could fly. Talk about a fast paced game. It was fun! I also loved their uniforms..all decked out in Corporate logo's! LOL!


I used to be a big, mean defenseman when I was a kid. I grew up in Ottawa and Edmonton. Man, I miss playing hockey -- some of the best memories of my life. Sure, I could play in a beer league now... but I'm all about the full contact. I'll get back in it someday, I guess.

I'd be interested to see how some of you Americans that say you played college or high school or club (whatever) stack up against regular Canadian players. I'm not trying to be a dick, but I'm honestly interested how these leagues compare since everyone plays hockey here. I know in this city, 'A' is a fucking joke (worse than the top tier in a rec league) and 'AA' is nothing to really brag about. There were no highschool hockey teams in the cities I grew up in, but maybe that's changed. America's actually doing a damn good job with their hockey program and a lot of the top draft picks were Americans this year.

I'm a huge Oilers fan, so it was awesome to see the boys go as far as they did last season. Too bad they couldn't finish it -- that would have been a great story to see Smytty and the boys hoist the cup. It sure was something to see the city just go apeshit after every win, though. There are a lot of videos of it on YouTube.

Damnit, I'm feeling the sudden urge to put somebody into the boards.


I am fortunate enough to play 5x a week....great work schedule. I played when I was younger, nothing very competitive. I restarted again in my late 20's. We have a great work league (Firefighter) with some former NHL players and lots of former Jr. guys.

Go Sens Go!!!!


I understand why some people prefer European, "big ice" hockey but, for me, it's missing something. Sure, the trap sucks, but North American hockey has heart and grit.

From the perspective of an Oilers fan, it's awesome to see Samsonov set up Hemsky in a beautiful passing play. But still, the things I remember the most are things like Jason Smith taking a puck off the face in the playoffs against Dallas and he gets right back out there. Ryan Smyth took a puck to the chops against San Jose, lost a bunch of teeth, got stitched up and headed back out onto the ice to set up the game winner in triple overtime.

That's the stuff, and that's what's missing from European hockey. You don't see many European guys sacrificing their bodies to block shots, take hits, or play hard on the puck. I'll take a Joe Thornton over some flashy European player any day.

Thankfully, Oilers hockey has always been the opposite of the shitty clutch and grab trap, as long as you forget about the Detroit series.


I currently play Jr. A in Ontario... have this season and the next of eligibility left. Not too sure what I'm going to do after. Would love to play in europe but will probably end up in the beer leagues.