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Calling Dr. Greg

Does anybody remember someone who goes by the name of Dr. Greg. He is an ART Specialist. He posted on here about 7 months ago. He’s located in Jupiter Fl. I went to see him last year and need to go see him again. The old number I have of his no longer works. If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, Mark

Zeppelin, his name is Dr. Gregg Larivee. I checked the number I had. The number is not good. Since chiropractors have to be licensed, I did a search and found contact info at the Florida Department of Health:

Address of Record:

Then I did a search on the address and came up with Johnson & Johnson Chiropractic. Then I did a search on Johnson & Johnson Chiropractic and came up with – voila’ – a phone number! (grin)

Phone: (561) 747-7707

Please tell Dr. Gregg that Tampa-Terry said hi!

Thank you. You are a blessing!