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Calling Chinning MONSTERS!


i am calling those chinning monsters at T-Nation-ZEB and XEN NOVA to share some secrets of chinning with us!!!
you guys are great and you rock!!!
can you post your routine, please?



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dude i just counted 10 threads started by you just on the front page of the strength sports forum.

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Get a life dude, I mean seriously, quit posting. no one cares.


Most of his posts are pretty good. If you don't want to read them then don't read them.


I respectfully disagree. I've yet to see an informative post of his. Every post I have seen (and there have been many) looks as though it may have been written by a ten year old experiencing both caffeine in great quantities and the wonders of the Internet - both for the first time. But that's just me, I mean, I'm not trying to flame the guy or anything...


dare i say this...BUT...im callin out XEN NOVA!!!! lol..im 16 yearrs old xen and i bet i can attach more weight on me and chin more :). I'll give a vid when i get one.


to zeb and xen nova-
guys,it seems that you would respond to my call,as you are very active members on T-Nation forums.so,i suspect you maybe thought this is a joke or provocation.not so.
i apologise sincerely if all this was inapropriate.i have highest respect for you,guys.



search either my name or zeb's with the term "chin up" or pullup or any variation thereof in the title and you should come up with a few informative posts.

as far as calling me out, i'm working on getting some video of all of my lifts ala diesel crew. Hopefully I'll have a one arm chin after I get back from traveling in may.

-----Post from 2/3 of a year ago I believe------

**edit: My ideas on how to train your vertical pull has changed somewhat, but this is still pretty much the basic idea. Instead of just weighted chins (which you can still use depending on your strength level), use weighted negatives or 1 arm negatives. Towel chins and thickbar chins would be best for assistance work **

The ME method for upperbody pulling is pretty straight forward. I would use pullups personally. Defranco uses them with his wrestling athletes .

I have my own DE(Dynamic effort) and RE (repetition effort) methods for upperbody pulling. RE method is if you need to gain more strength/hypertrophy than you do speed. It's pretty much like Coach Staley's EDT except with a set # not a set time limit. Hopefully you can do 12-15 pullups b4 you begin my parameters. I would multiply 5 by your max # of pullups and increment by 10 each week in your RE meso cycle.

Thats a lot of wordy shit hopefully it will make sense :-p

All your info can be found on This Thread:


I use the Westside method of Max Effort days to build up for heavy vertical pulling. I'm fast as it is, and don't weigh too much so I'm use the Repetition exercises rather than DE work.

Microcycle for RE Pullup work:

Week 1: 30 pullups as many sets as necessary
Week 2: 45 pullups as many sets as necessary
Week 3: 60 pullups as many sets as necessary
Week 4: Either no movement just Accessory work, or 2-3 sets of as many reps as possible.

DE Work- I use the same percentages used in a raw bench cycle. You would use those percentages with the Lat pulldown machine. One explosive pulldownwards, hold it for several seconds, and lower the weight stack back under control.(1-5-3)

Week 1:8*3@50%
Week 2:8*2@55%
Week 3:10*2@60%
Week 4: (Same as RE method)

Or you can scrap the percetages and just do the pullups with a "Kip"(full body explosion of legs and hips used to add momentum to your pullup, really uses a fraction of your bodyweight). I'd keep the #'s the same but just ditch the percetages. This would be a good idea if you still need to build some strength in your back muscles more so than "speed".

One technique I use in my assistance work that really helped to increase my weighted chin poundage is to use a super set.

Barbell Rows 3*3-5@75-85%/ Pullups 3*10


Weighted Pullups 3*3-5@ 75-85%/ Seated rows 3*15-20@45-60%

In my assistance work I vary hand positions usually pullup variation or the v handle variation.

Whenever I cycle pullups as my ME exercise again, I'm quite certain that I can pull a huge PR, maybe not bodyweight but 10-20lbs shy of it certainly. (i'm 180ish)

For now I'm working on my overhead lifts which SUCK. Hopefully I'll balance that out and it will skyrocket my vertical pull also.



I'm a big believer in chin-ups myself. I've read your posts on the subject and I recall somewhere that you were chinning 200% bodyweight at 180. Do you find the one-arm chin still eludes? I ask because I'm getting pretty damned close to 200% bodyweight--currently at 180%--and I've already gotten a one-arm chin, but that was just once, with the right hand and after a set of snatches (which really seem to prime me for chinning). I've been doing one-arm negatives here and there, but one-arm weighted negatives make more sense (and that shit just looks crazy...can't wait for the day I can pull myself up with one arm while holding a weight plate in the other).


Balbos, PLEASE learn to use the search feature.

There are threads on these things... they have been discussed. Also, consider using the PM to call someone out.

Why do I even bother?


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are you olympic lifter(your nick)?


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I'm a dejected, wannabe Olympic lifting hobbyist. My snatch stalled at bodyweight and I put my training on hold until I get stronger in the basic stuff like ATG squats (I prefer front squats because I don't have a back squat bodytype), deadlifts, dips and chins. Thanks for the compliment, but I'll be an animal when I can finally front squat double bodyweight and not before! Plus I don't weigh very much and for us 150-lb weaklings with 14-inch arms, chinning with 200 lbs attached to us isn't that impressive;-)


Yeah, there are a lot of posts by Balbos, but I understand his enthusiam. I have a hard time restraining myself from starting a lot of posts, too, because I LOVE lifting. I mean I truly love it...the way one loves one's mother or one's god. I can't stop thinking about it in all its wonderful nuance.

Balbos, you could do what I do; hide your post-whoring by adding to other people's posts so your name isn't conspicuously at the head of every post for an entire page. Also, belong to at least one other forum so you have several places to go to get your fix of lifting stuff.


Charles Poliquin said that while visiting Russia he saw russian FEMALE swimmer did about 70 picture-perfect chins while still NOT REACHING FAILURE!!!

Does anyone knows similar feat of chinning prowess?