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Calling Avid Creatine Users

I haven’t touched creatine. I’m looking into getting some, any brands to lean towards and especially anyones to STAY AWAY from?

How was your experience with creatine -did you feel your gains were more water retention or were actual gains? I’ve been told that some people felt they were getting stonger and such but the size they attained was more attributed to water retention? Any opinions on this?

There’s a little box on the left-hand side of the screen that will answer all your questions. It’s called a “search.” It’s amazing how well it can work when utilized properly, particularly when asking a question about creatine. Give it a shot.

thanks t-matt. Montie, i did that and i read all about it. I am looking more for personal feedback and well they did on it. You know its funny there is always one smart jackass like you that posts an reply like this – after all its a forum, a messageboard.

So in all your extensive research, I’m sure you’ve read “Creatine Fact and Fancy” from T-mag, right?

Didn’t think so.

Just look for the brands with the “Creapure” insignia. If I recall correctly, you’re located here in Ontario so just pick up a kilo of Prolab’s monohydrate powder from SND.

I’ve read the top myths on creatine. My whole thing is how people have responded to it. Was it worth it for them to get it. That article is great but that doesnt mean people live and die by that or any article, they took it into consideration. Same here i read it, digested and now looking to see how other people did on it and if its worth my money even trying.

Thanks UWO.

Something I’ve observed over the years is that regardless of what type message board you log on to, be it business, fitness, or whatever, it’s a good idea to get a handle on who’s who and who has been on the board awhile. You know, vets versus newbies.

That being said, flaming someone like Monty (not “Montie”), who is a long time vet, is, let’s just say, counterproductive to getting any useful info from any other vet of the board.

In fact, you’ll usually get piled on big time…

“I haven’t touched creatine. I’m looking into getting some…any brands to lean towards and especially any brands to stay away from?”

“I did that and read all about it.”

Upon simply typing “creatine” into the Forum search box, the following titles come up:

“Brands of creatine”
“Best creatine”
“Which type of creatine”
“Favorite types of creatine”
“Creatine: Best product”

You said you wanted personal feedback…well that’s exactly what the forum search (and most notably the above subjects) provides. Plus, you don’t have to wait for people to respond (and take the chance of getting flamed for not doing your homework).

Upon typing “creatine” into the T-MAG search box, the first title to pop up:

“Creatine fact and fancy”

I admit that my response was a little sarcastic, but if you really “did all that and read all about it,” then why are you asking the questions?

ash to tell you the truth Monty ask you to use the search engine in a nice way. He wasn’t being an ass.

But to answer your question personally the only time I used creatine was when I was dieting for a competition. Becuase it seem to keep me strong in my lifts while I was dieting.

I was using MHP Creatine at the time because I knew one of the VP of sales at the time and he got to me at cost.

GLYCEROL-PHOSPHATE-CREATINE works awesome in my opinion and experience.

DA Boxer

Hey look! a productive post from Cupcake (don’t tell anyone please…)

I use ProLab “Creapure” creatine for no other reason than the assay is printed on each and every bottle (current bottle, 99.99%!) Yeah they could just print random, high 90’s # on them but I’m not that cynical…yet…

I enjoy using creatine a ton, Size, Strength and Endurance all peak for me when I supplement with it, I would say that besides Protein and Multi’s it’s the most important IMO…

“We’re switching to a more productive coffee-break paradigm”

~ Jacob Donham


Hey “Cupcake”!

Who the hell are you, and what have you done with the real Cupcake?

Okay, cakeman rubbed off on me, and I’m over ash’s caustic comment…

Use it. For me, at least, the hype is true. The pump I get from it is awesome.