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Calling All WoW Nerds!


So Cata in mere hours...

Who here plays after the last two expansions? I'm going to try for server first 85.


WOOOT!! haha jk i used to play awhile back, and even though it's probably the greatest game ever created it takes up waayy too much time. I have 2 lvl 70's Priest, and Death Knight. You?


Looks as if you are the only one.


Level 80 Death Knight (Tank)
Level 80 Paladin (Tank)
Level 80 Warlock
Level 77 Druid (Boomkin/Resto)

Oh lordy, my inner nerd is showing!



Great timing.



Also OT:

The newer crap they added - including a new "old world". The graphics may be shite (although it seems to have gotten better over the years) but their designers seem to come up with some pretty neat stuff.


Must be nice.

FWIW if I ever win the lottery I am going to withdraw from real society and play nothing but WOW. Or whatever cool MMORPG game is the shit when that time comes.



You know, ive played this game On/off since day 1. literally, i was in closed Beta. I also play with a party of RL friends. The cycle basically went like this- We'd spank the game, get high end, theyd debuff my class to feces, make the game even more retard friendly than it already is, and we'd quit, only to come back for the next expansion (a good long approx yr break in between- something easily done since entry lvl gear of a new exp is = end game gear of the before exp). I actually followed the Storyline of Warcraft, thats the main reason i came back for WoTL. I just had to fight The Lich king, ya know?

I started back up a month or so ago, just so i can play cata. Honestly, it sounds good. they totally revamped the world, beginner zones are different (so people who have been playing awhile dont feel like itd be a total bore to start a new class), and the idea of a Roaming Boss, Deathwing, is awesome. reminds me of some Final fantasy bosses. Actually a buddy of mine has been raped by Deathwing alrdy. He says he was running through Wetlands, and all of a sudden he hears some shit going on, then a huge Wyvern flies over and the land practically explodes into fire, wiped the zone.

Theyve practically debuffed the shit out of a lot of classes alrdy (last patch) for the upcoming exp. The new heroic version of Deadmines has every boss dropping 400+dps 1handers. it seems like this exp is a step towards the higher difficulty end of the spectrum.

Yea some of the items are freaking retarded strong, but healers and casters are going be getting drained for mana exponentially quicker, making mana conservation a LOT more important, and they've alrdy already removed Def for Tanks. All in all, i think im going to like this expansion because its going to require a lot more skill, but i dont believe it will last too long (patches) because it will be too difficult a many.


Son of a bitch! I wanted that achievement.

I somewhat agree, I think it will be a few weeks before Blizzard announces a 30% nerf to all the level 85 heroics. As it stands on beta, tanks with 100k hp were getting two-shot by bosses.


Akuma about summed it up for me. It's a love/hate relationship that I keep coming back to though I did manage to stay away from BC and only came back for WOTL. I'm again on a break and not even buying cata. Besides the fact that my gf would give me hell incessantly for playing/using vent the game is just too cyclical for my liking anymore though I do have a desire to simply see the new end game stuff I doubt I'll buy it.


doesnt WOW trigger parts of your brain that result in lower testosterone and sex drive? nerds


The frothing at the mouth players are pretty aggressive. Must be that low test.


I don't play WoW but I always wondered why there is such a huge taboo against the game.

Not to derail this thread, but I seriously don't understand why it is considered more 'cool' to play an FPS or Starcraft 2 or something. Most people who have huge amounts of hate for the game have hardly even played it... if they have even played it at all.

The fact is that from what I can see WoW is a lot more layered in terms of skill that is required to play it than a lot of other commercial games out there. I mean you have talent tree optimization, skill rotation/priority tweaking and learning, stat allocation, various strategies for each raid/boss, etc. And then there is PVP, which is a completely different chaotic animal that needs not only all of the above, but situational awareness and reflexes on par with whatever FPS is 'hot stuff' nowadays.

I just don't get the taboo. It takes skill to juggle hotkeys and perfectly pull off a DPS/Tanking/Healing rotation in a heated battle.

Now I'm not saying that FPS or RTS games take no skill. Of course they do, and lots of it. But WoW combines both tactical and strategical skill elements that are in those other games. It seems like many people bash WoW relentlessly. I mean this thread has a handful of replies and already you have someone coming in to bash it.


The taboo isn't because of the skill involved. It's the time. I know that I couldn't devote that much time to a game again. I played on a cracked 3x exp server for the longest time, got 4 level 70's. Led a guild of ~800 people (YourMomIsAnEpicMount) (mature, I know, I was in highschool). One day I gave all of my BoE items, gold, and extra stuff away, deleted my account, and haven't played since. I'm glad I got away from it, it just took too much time.

If anyone ever makes a guild, a potential name that's always made me laugh is


RTS games like starcraft 2 takes massive clicking skills. Trying to out click(APM, actions per minute) your opponent, it can get really exhausting. The pros have about 150+ average APM.




Yeah professional gamers generally need a upper 200/lower 300 to win a championship.

As for FPS... most FPS games don't take that much skill. The only FPS game I play these days is the old stand-by, Counter-Strike 1.6 (not Source). This FPS is one of the few where it truly takes years to understand what to do in certain situations, and learn how to control the recoil of an AK or M4, or use the AWP (sniper rifle).

Counter-Strike is the Starcraft 2 of FPS games.


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Quit earlier this year, my account expired the day after killing the Lich King...it was fun for the 5 years for what it's worth. Not really my thing though, anyone playing the new free 2 play, Vindictus? I actually like it more than WoW.


You have a fair point. But you know, it takes a shitload of time to get really good and competitive with Starcraft, Tekken or a top FPS out there.