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Calling all T-Docs

I hate my knees. have since i was about 13. they have always been kinda achy and annoying. nothing major, just annoying. well, now I think I did something major. I was running around the apt chasing my friend (letting loose with some insanity after a nice long homework session) and i slid across the floor on a rug. in my efforts to keep from hitting the floor and splitting my wig, I caught myself by sticking out my right leg. I felt a nice sharp pain along the ouside of my knee. It was a lateral motion, sliding in that direction. Now my knee KILLS me anytime I crouch down. It doesnt bother me walking, or doing squats even. Just with certain crouches. which makes it a real bitch to get up off the floor after doing some reading. Of course everybody says see a doctor, but I am hesitant. Go see one so he can say, “Yup, you hurt your knee.” What do you guys think might be the prob? I like to avoid mainstream doctors as much as possible, cuz I find them to be of little help for the most part. I am just curious as to what some resident docs might think I did to my poor old knee. Thanks.

A meniscus tear, most likely…with good stablility, ligaments are “doubtful”…

What you need is to have your knee scoped by an Orthopedic Surgeon (same day…you’ll be in and out the same morning). Torn menisci are often the culprit in “trick” knees, or “rainy-day” knees, are those nagging, aggrevating knees…Hope this helps!

Knee surgery has come a long way. Go see a doctor. It could be cartillage damage like I had. Any clicking, popping, or grinding? I was able to walk in 3 days after the surgery, and back in the gym in a month. Its now a 1 year, 4 monthes, and I m squatting 385, and can throw kicks full power. The only evidence that I had surgery, is three little scars, which are starting to fade.

Now I have very little medical knowlegde but it sorta sounds like something that happened to me. I strained my IT band in my right knee playing football. It runs down the outside of your knee. The cause was a lack of flexability in my hip flexors and calfs. This caused my knees to twist too much instead of my hips rotating. I had do heavy duty strecthes for my hip flexors, soleus and gastrocs 2x a day. Try 2 differnt stretches per part, per day for 2 weeks and see if that works. The best advice is to see an orthopedist who knows waht he’s doing.

Thanks, guys. I just guess I have no faith in doctors since I broke my ankel when I was young, and was told nothing was wrong. after walking on it for a few days, it swelled up like a damn balloon. Took the EXACT s-rays to a different doctor, and he told me it was broken, in 2 places. spent the better part of a year in a cast. But, I suppose I cant hold all docs accountable for what one moron did… The meniscus tear sounds scary…
I have had pops and creaks in my joints for as long as I can remember, so I dont know if those could be a sign of anything or not… Thanks a million for the info.

I hate your boney knees too! Brahahahaha. :slight_smile: Damn. I just couldn’t help myself Da Man. My fingers starting typing that out like my keyboard was a Oiji (sp?) Board. Seriously, it sounds like a minuscus tear. I’ve had both knees scoped in the past and they are fine now. A lot of the pain you may feel may be coming from the torn minuscus being caught in the joint during aggravating actions. It doesn’t get better by itself. Avoids Roids

oh, you are a real smart ass… i have to give it to ya, that was friggin funny. and i think it is ouja…