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Calling All T-Artists



I got to thinking today I cant be the only T-peep making ART around here. I may be the only insane freak actually getting a masters degree in it, but there have to be some others here that create some awesome stuff.

I’ll start it off with a simple little sketch I did today while chillin at the Park with Ma. As I make new stuff (painting, sculpture, ceramics, drawing, etc… what ever) I will trow it up here, as well as my new web site http://www.philstevens.com .

I want to see what other peeps are making as well. Come on no need to have schooling in the arts to be an artist. I know we ahve some talented peep with varied interest out there. Bring it on.



Here is one I just finished a few weeks ago. It is an oil painting / mixed media work on paper. It’s on my site allready just thought I would throw it up here as it fits the T-Nation Context a bit more than the above sketch.

Cant wait to see those creations,

Good work! You seem pretty talented


None of these are particularly great, but its all i can find from stuff that i photographed or scanned from my drawing class last semester.

this first drawing is a self portrait in charcoal and conte before painting it monochrome blue


this is my hand in pencil


this is myself in ink only, no pencil sketch before hand, so if i fucked up, it stayed there.


this is another of myself


and here is a doodle that i did one day… like i said, none of this shit is any good, but i figured someone had to post something they were responcible for. so im taking the plunge

Awesome stuff guys. May I ask what the first picture is, I just can’t see it due to my ignorance? Is it just me or is the barbell perspective a little off in the second? Or am I just overly pedantic? Very nice pictures.

Yo Phil nice work.
I like the “resrict me” and the “bunny” paintings.

I am so ridiculously impressed

I went to art school for a year and did all my work in traditional mediums, but I still prefer graphic design type work on the computer.

I’ve got a website with a few images on it, but I haven’t even thought about what my final design is going to look like.

wow nice job guys! I’m impressed :slight_smile:

Thanks all,

great work gaurdlk, have you continued work since or just in the class. It can be a great release and you obviously have talent.

As for what the first one is. it is a few rocks in a stream at the park I was at.

Keep em coming, I know there are more out there. As I do more stuff I will add on as well.


well, i still draw and what not when i get the chance.

i went to school for computer science but took an interest in art in my junior year, so i squeezed in all the art courses i could take (2d design, print making, drawing and painting) and wound up with a minor.

now i find myself wanting to go back to school for art.

so… i hope that answers?

Southern girl,

these jobs arent NEARLY as nice as a little “job” you just had recently =P

I mainly draw to past time, I use to read comics, thats why alot is comic influneced. #1



LOL much the same story as me. I took a few years oyut of high school ran construction crews building large steel construction, also ran a tire shop etc…

Then decided to go back to school. I wasnt planning on going for art, though I always had a passion for it. I took a drawing class my first year of undergrad and there was no turning back. 8 years later and I have 1 semeater left for my masters. I have had a few shows and some awards etc… The main thing however is chasing a dream. I simply love what I am doing and that is worth it to me.

I say if it is truely a passion go back take some classes even at night. Its all in what you want.

Nice work. It is so damn intersting to see each persons personal take on thing visually and there creativity. It is such an individual thing.

Keep em’ coming all we will have a regular old T-Gallery before long.

Here is an old one i did years ago.
Funny I work as a graphic arist and never have time to actually draw or sketch on paper now!