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I have gift certificate to ^^^ and the plastic on my new balance shoe fucking broke. So i need a new pair.

I’m looking for a workout / running shoe.

You shoe experts tell me which one you would recommend, and don’t tell me some other store, i’m broke. (thanks Biotest, lol)

Not really an expert, but I’ll comment anyway.

I don’t like any of those shoes. Too much cushioning and support…your feet won’t do any work!

But if you have to get one, just pick one that fits well. Nike fits me really well, but Asics and New Balance usually don’t. If New Balance works for you, then stick with it.

You are fairly light, so I’d stay away from the heavy, stiffer shoes. Just go for something light and flexible, that doesn’t have too thick of a midsole.

Sorry, I didn’t realize you could flip through pages. I only looked at the first screen.

So actually I do like one of the shoes: Nike Pegasus. Also possibly the New Balance 644s.

thanks for the recommendations.

it seems there are a lot of “light-weight-shoes” available… any reason why you recommended the 2 you did over the others?

Here’s the perfect shoe expert.

Seriously, try out the shoes for yourself since everyone has different styles or preferences.

I bought my Asics at academy and they are really comfortable for squats and anything else. Ask the guy at the store for assistance.


Ya, i understand my own comfort factor being a big part. I just remember people mentioning that really thin shoes was good for squating… but since i’ll be doing EVERYTHING -walking/squating/cross-training/running- etc. in them… i guess a good cross-training shoe will have to do… maybe when i get more money i can buy another pair for strictly weight-lifting.

What plastic part broke? One of those plastic shoe string loops they sometimes use?

Take your NBs to a shoe repair shop and see what they can do.

I took my expensive 831s to a repair shop because a lacing hole ripped out. I told them it didn’t matter what they did, but to fix it if they could. I told them to use their imagination if necessary. So for $12 they sewed some heavy duty leather over the spot and punched a new hole. It doesn’t look great, but who cares? I saved over $100.