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Calling All Powerlifters


I'M planning to buy a squat suit , Z suit fron Inzer. Since i heard that Inzer's size chart is off reality. I'm not sure about the size to take. my stats: 5 feet 8 inches, my weight goes from 198 to 210, relatively long legs , medium torso and not that thick with broad shoulders. I squat with different styles: PL semi-wide, oly ass to grass, Shoulders wide ass to grass etc etc.

Thanks for helping me to find my suit size.

P.S: I apologize for my bad writing



House of Pain has a size calculator. Inzer's homepage has a better price though. If you can't find either, PM me and I'll send it to you.


Off the top of my head, a 32 should be about right. It should be difficult to get on.

If you can find one for $40 or less, I would say go for it.


Thanks so far guy , you tried it?


Sure. I bought my first one about 15 years ago when the z-lock was kind of innovative.

We used to consider them starter suits, but they don't hold up very well to alteration, so I don't think we have one left that doesn't have a run in it.

What we do now is start a lifter off in a relatively loose Centurian and alter it as they get stronger and more confident in gear. I have Centurians that have been altered in the hips more than 10 times and are still in reasonable shape.

If price is an issue, I think trying to find a cheap z-suit (<$40 for new) is a good strategy as it will perform better than anything comparable, for the price.

However, if price is not such an issue, I would tell you to buy a size 40 Centurian and alter it as you become more comfortable with the suit.

The Gym in Plymouth, MN has some Inzer stock that I know they were trying to unload for cheap. You can call them at (763) 553-0171.

Don't know if they would ship or not, but maybe worth dropping a dime.

Good luck.


Thanks really apreciated.