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Calling all physicians, doctors, and smart people

Hey guys, I hope you are all doing well. I have another question aboot my brother in law. I talked to him about hammering some protein for breakfast, He bought a motherload of grow before Biotest discontinued it. But he told me the problem was much worse than just not being able to hold down solids. He said if he even drinks a glass of water he usually vomits it back up. Does anyone have any clue what could be causing such intense stomach discomfort upon rising in the morning? I am thinking ulcer, but this is something I have 0 clue or education on, so it is pretty much a worthless guess. Could it be some type of acid reflux crap or something? It is really bugging him, and in turn me, cuz i actually think he is pretty cool. He knows how important breakfast is, but has serious problems eating or drinking ANYTHING AT ALL in the morning. Any suggestions on what this could be, what I could research, where I could research it, anecdotal accounts, wild guesses on what could be tried to remedy it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

It could be many things. Among them might include an ulcer, candida, leaky gut syndrome, insufficient digestive enzymes, insufficient hydrochloric acid, microflora imbalance. Have him take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and see if it helps or hinders the condition. If it helps then the problem is most likely something that can be remedied naturally.

OH MAN !! this sounds EXACLTY LIKE ME, the way i WAS !!.. no kidding !!.. i’ve been fine for about a couple of years now, but i’ll tell you why. I had the same problem as your bro-in-law. i couldn’t eat breakfast if someone paid me to. for awhile, i’d throw up upon wakening about 3-4 times a week. bad, bad acid build-up. i swear it seems i’d puke a half-cup of acid at a time. the mornings i didn’t throw up, it was because i had talked myself out of it… some months were worse than others. this went on for almost a year. i saw a gastroenterologist, and i was on about 7 pills a day, with no help. then… i saw a phychiatrist !!.. for me, i was holding in a lot of pain and anger, the causes were my wife and work. He put me on Paxil, and i eventually started calming down, got a F***ing divorce, not being depressed anymore, and the puking finally stopped !!.. i felt fine now for about 2 years, and i’ve been off of anti-depressants for almost that long… i’m not saying for sure that your brother-in-law has a depression/anxiety problem that i had, but it wouldn’t hurt to check on… if you have any q’s i’d be happy to help !!..

Gastroparesis comes to mind, but that is usually in diabetics, is he diabetic? The psychologic aspects of stress/depression cannot be discounted, but he needs a functional gut test, get him to a GI specialist soon!

Thanks a million for the help. It is truly appreciated. Kelly, when should he take the vinega? Upon rising, or before bed? podge, he is a very type A personality, but I think I would feel very strange poking my nose into his mental health. If all else fails, I just might, cuz I am sick of hearing him whine. Dougk, he is actually hypoglycemic. I know that is somewhat similar to diabetes, but the person can produce insulin. Do you think that could be the culprit? Thanks again for the help.

i’m voting for podge. I think your brother in law might have some pressures from work or family or other that are weighing heavily on him and he worries about it all nite and then his stomach is all tied up in knots in the morning. you know how you can get all worked over something once in a while and you get your stomach all tied up in knots and lose your appetite and cann’t eat - think how it would be if you were like this all the time day after day. I too had similiar problem.

This sounds like an ulcer to me. How long after he eats does he feel nauseous? If it is immediate, it is more likely a peptic ulcer, if it is a few minutes after ingestion, it would be duodenal. Definitely need to schedule an appointment with a physician, have it diagnosed. Ulcers are no small matter, and they can now be completely cured with an antibiotic therapy. Also a proton pump blocker such as prevacid or prilosec will greatly help prophylactically.

I used to have the same problem as your brother in law. I, too, am a “type A” personality and used to have a very stressful job. I noticed that if I get any less than 8 solid hours a night of sleep, my stomach will be extremely upset upon arising in the morning. So my short answer is for your brother in law to get proper sleep every night. Oh yeah, I’ve also found having a really high fibre diet (like I currently have) helps.

I just wanted to thank everyone who replied. The input is greatly appreciated.