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Calling all Kinesiology Experts

I’ll be as brief as possible.

I have been doing the Neanderthal no more program to correct my anterior pelvic tilt. The program has worked wonders for my strength so far. I owe T-Nation big time for the free training advice, it changed my weight training life. I think I had a lot of impingements and I experienced both hypertrophy and weight loss after several weeks of the program (up in Body weight, down in waist size).

My only concern now is how to balance out my physique laterally.

My left shoulder sits up higher than my right. My left lat feels bigger(more pumped after a rowing movement) and tighter. My left trap is noticeably larger while my left arm is smaller than my right. My right foot is definately externally rotated.

I read Ian King’s out of kilter and he stated in the article that the lower side was the dominating side and that the chest and lat would be tighter on that side.

I have learned a lot about the kinetic chain over the last couple of years(mostly from this site, thanks again T-Nation) so I know enough to troubleshoot from the ground up. I am guessing my externally rotated right foot is causing the difference between the left and right side of my upper body but I was looking from some outside input.

As always I am thankful to have a place to learn and improve my training.

One more thing, when I deadlift my left shin gets scraped while my right is usually unscathed. If this is any clue to the problem.

I’d check out a muscle activation technique therapist.These guys really know their stuff. The therapy is based on correcting imbalances through soft tissue manipulation and corrective excercises. I really think this stuff blows active release out of the water. I havent seen much about it on this site though. I believe the website is muscleactivation.com.