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Calling all gurus

Hey guys,
I need so very important advice,I will go to Japan in 1 month.I will be there for 1 year, from my understanding you can only purchase protein powder and vitamins in the stores what supplements would you guys bring with you and how much if you are limited to only 2 travel bags,and 2 carry ons.Remember I`ll be there for a full year.I was thinking of 2killos of glutamine and 2 killos of creatine.Please send me some opinions.Thanks

Sounds like you need to stock up on the supplements that work for you…you’ll get a ton of different opinions from different people, which will only end up confusing and frustrating you in the end. If creatine and glutamine is what works for you, go for it! I would stock up on MRP’s (Grow! or Myoplex) and protein bars.

Make yourself up small 1 month supply packages.
Have a friend ship them monthly.

Marty, you’re in luck. There’s a company here called New Classic System, which is the distributor for Biotest products and a bunch of other supplements here in Japan. Their prices are not much higher than what you would pay in the States, and if you send them an email in simple English they’ll probably be able to handle your order. The only catch is that you have to order in bulk. But if you’re going to be here for a year, just figure out how much you’re going to need for that time and order it all at once. BTW, what part of Japan are you gonna be in?