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Calling All Guitar Players / Musicians


Hey Guys,

Just wondering how many Guitar Players / Musicians we have on this site. I have been playing around with Sonar for a couple of months and it is amazing!

My influences are Pink Floyd, Peter Green, Eric Clapton, The Three Kings, and Gary Moore to name a few. How About you guys?

Check the link below to a free site that showcases closet musicians such as myself and to hear a couple of my tunes.





Well , here is one Guitar-man !
I've been playin for a couple of years and my insperations are Slash from Guns n' Roses , Jimmi Hendrix and alot others , most oldies I guess.. . Keep the guitaring up!


I've been playing for about 15 years. My influences are too many to mention, but lately I stick to the heavy stuff. I basically like any band that can show off talent but still write good songs.

Sonar is pretty crazy. I went to college for recording/music. What kind of system are you using with it? Got any cool mic pre's or anything?


I play an open-back banjo. Actually, just yesterday I received a custom-built banjo to my specifications.


I finished grade 10 piano (barely) through the RCM.
I took lessons from age 6 to 17.

Other than that I own a cheap electric guitar.

I also piddled around with Sonar and came up with a few incredibly bad songs.

Although, I've been told they're good for their humour value.

As soon as I have a few spare dollars I'll buy a cheap multi-effects pedal and create an incredibly bad rock concept album about space, just like Joe Meek did in 1960.

Oh baby.


I've been playing guitar for 13 years. Not currently in a band, but I've played in a half dozen death/black metal bands over the years. Big influences: Kerry King, Robert Fripp, Trey Azagthoth, Tony Iommi, John McLaughlin, Bill Steer, Richie Blackmore and those At the Gates dudes. My pick speed on workout days seems to have decreased as my weights have gone up.


I've been playing the drums for about 5 years now. Big influences: Dream Theater, Rush, Zeppelin, Nuclear Assault, Testament, Sabbath.

As far as guitar stuff goes, our band has been playing quite a bit of Joe Satriani and Paul Gilbert lately, those guys sure know how to play.


Playing drums for, oh 8 years. Right now, I'm in a heavy metal garage band "Dirt Bag"

Main influences included but are not limited to Metallica, System of a Down, Korn, MushroomHead and Slipknot

Our 2 guitarists draw their musical inspiration from the grunge era (power cords, technically simply but noice sounding riffs, etc)


I've been playing for 14 years. Although I am not nearly as good as I used to be, I can still wail on some
Ozzy tunes. The Randy Rhoads stuff mostly. I've had an american Jackson Rhoads guitar in black for almost 10 yrs, still looks brand new even though I've played the hell out of it.


Huge huge musician here. During high school I would play 8-10 hours a day - it's down to about 1 - 2 now that I'm in college. My lead style has a very Randy Rhoads/Kirk Hammett/Zakk Wylde edge to it, mixed with a smattering of Jerry Cantrell, Slash, and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Rhythm wise I love all the new metalcore stuff coming out these days (Killswitch Engage, Unearth etc.). I love to play along to Steve Vai and Dream Theater tunes, and to a lesser extent Joe Satriani. Anyways, I have to roll, band practice! :slight_smile:


Been planying guitar and bass for about 13 years...lately I've been playing more bass.

I go through all kinds of musical moods, but metal runs through my veins.

Soemone already mentioned them, but checkout the latest Killswitch Engage album. It's plenty heavy, melodic, and fun to play (oh yeah - also great to lift to)!



When not working like a dog for T-Nation, I too am a musician. 16 years on guitar, about 12 on bass. Get into programming, percussion, and production now quite a bit as well.

Do heavy stuff for the majority. Influences are Meshuggah, Norma Jean, Bury Your Dead, Blood Has Been Shed, Candiria, Zao, older Chimaira, stuff like that.

I'd post links to the three projects I am currently involved in up here, but since I represent the company I'm not sure I should do that.

If you want to check any of it out, PM me!


Ive played guitar for 4 years. I have currently a Gibson Les Paul which im in love with.


Here is where I spend most of my time!


I play have played guitar for 15 years, & dabble with the harmonica and drums. I get to play guitar and lead singing for the kids at Church each week. It's cool.


Been a drummer for about 12 years now. I get into everything except country. Rush, Dream Theater, Type O Negative, Ozzy, Megadeth, Dave Matthews Band, Collective Soul, and more I can't think of right now. However, I'm a big fan of guitar players as well. My favs are Zakk Wylde, George Lynch, and John Sykes.


i play warr guitar and bass. i build basses once in a while, but they're...odd. :wink:


Guitar, drums, keyboards. Best on guitar and drums.

Had a four-track studio for awhile, made a few demos, but nothing ever stuck.


I just started learning to play yesterday, as a matter of fact. Always wanted to, decided to give it a shot...

In Faith,