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Calling all fighters

Hey are there any fighters here?
just wondering who else here is a fighter be it boxing/kickboxing/mma or whatever. I’m talking Martial Athletes here and not martial artists lol

what does your training and diet look like?

my training when fighting looks like

monday to friday cardio in the morning (HIIT/Fartleks/Hill running) followed by technique drills and conditioning and evenings are padwork/sparring and bag work. Sundays are heavy sparring. When not too close to a fight a few of the morning cardio sessions become weight training sessions.

My diet (which i am still trying to get right lol) is 5-6 meals a day
150-200g carbs 150-200g protein 50g fat

I fight at 60kgs and am 23 and 5’8
how about you all?

I box at the super heavyweight level.
I am 6’3" - 247lbs and right now I am really trying to lean out and get down around 230 before the NY golden gloves tournament starts in January.

My diet daily looks like this:
250- 300g p
150 -200g c
40g f

right now its working really well. I have been using Meltdown and holy shit this program is awesome!!
As far as supps go - I use 4ad-ec 2xday - Hot Rox - Glucosamine - Cranberry - Whey w/malo or w/ organic peanut butter depending on the time of the day.

I also do all out sprints 2 minutes at a clip three times and rest a minute in between each sprint to kinda mimic the rounds I go through. I spar once a week and do pad work twice a week.
PM me if you want any more info.

  • Jimmy

P.S - I forgot the most important supp!! MUSIC!

I box at 165, walk around at 175ish. My normal schedule is conditioning (stairs, elliptical, erg) 2 mornings/week, boxing 3 days a week, weights 3 days a week. “Cruel and unusual” is the name of the game here.

I try to follow a pretty clean diet, as much fruits and vegetables as i want, and lots and lots of meat. I don’t think the lower carbs are hurting me, I need to nap in the afternoon but that’s more from my bulgarian neighbors who play techno at 2 am. I follow John Berardi’s carb/protein, fat/protein guidelines.

I liked the boxer’s journal that was up here for a while and was thinking of doing that myself, if there was any interest. I spend enough time on here anyway, I might as well make a substantive contribution (and i’m an attention whore)

I train Bjj, and a little MMA. Not training MMA currently.

Right now i’m trying to add some size.

Using OVT2.

Diet. P360g,C300g(increasing weekly)F144g.

Not planning on competing anytime soon, just trying to get big fast and athletic.

I train MMA. I’m more into the grappling aspect, as I may enter some tourneys here soon. I’m in the Race to 200, so I’m obviously trying to gain mass. I take karate, then kickboxing, then grappling, back to back to back. I can’t eat after 4 o’clock, and I train at 6. I’ve never been able to eat within 2 hours of any type of training, or I’ll puke. After my 2.5-3 hours of training, I usually eat between 1000 and 1500 calories, because I know I spent a lot of energy, and haven’t eaten in awhile. Plus, it’s nice eating that much because I’m gaining mass. And the kicker is that after those 2 huge meals, I’m usually hungry 1 hour later.

As for other training, I train back on Monday, legs on friday and chest on saturday (just got cleared to train chest from a shoulder injury). Since my MMA training is cardio in itself, I don’t do very much besides skip rope on Saturdays, partially for cardio, partially for leg recuperation.

That is all.