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Calling All EDT Disciples


How are the results coming in?

Is density truly the key to hypertrophy?

Any tips or tricks regarding the program?



To be truthful, when I was doing EDT, I screwed up and kept using too much weight, so I didn't really quite notice a lot of hypertrophy (I probably had more "muscle density" than actually gaining visual size). That, and I totally bombed my schedule. I kept getting knocked out of my routine, so it didn't work all that great for me, but it was my fault. I figure if I use lighter weight, and do it the RIGHT way, then I'll actually get some really good results, but first I'm going to try Waterbury's singles club for 4 weeks (I like the low rep stuff...hehe).

Hope that helps a little bit.



Variety is definitely a key to Hypertrophy. If you have never done high volume work on one exercise like what you do with EDT, give it a go. You will get results. After 3 weeks, change it up. I personally have 4 or 5 methods I roatate between every 3-4 weeks to keep the gains coming.


Definitely change it up after 3 weeks. I tried pushing compound EDT to 4 weeks going 4 times per week and I was burnt after week 4. I also aggrevated my hip flexor. I should have known better and stopped at week 3.

It had been working well up to that point and I think I gained 3 or 4 lbs if I remember correctly.


In my experience, Compound EDT has provided a great way to get some real work done in the gym. I like feeling right there on the 'edge' for the majority of the workout. Even more so than doing volume days where I get in there and just move the bar bunch - I don't get the same kind of taxing workout I get from EDT. Time is short, so I am in and out of the gym in 30 minutes + rest + warmups. Give it go for yourself. add two days a week to your schedule, that still gives you 5 other days for your usual routine.