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Calling All Dudes 23 and Younger


well here it is:

I personally have 7 more months before i hit the ripe age of 23. Hoping there are guys here who can either stand up now and prove X wrong, or join me on the way.

and honestly, if you're 17 years old, and plan on hitting 405 in the next 4 years, that's great an all, but lets try to keep this for guys trying to hit it in the next 6 months or less.

i haven't tried a ME day in awhile, looks like i'll have one coming up soon. shooting for 365


Mark me down for the challenge. Hit 315 a year ago at 21, just started back up flat benching the last couple weeks but I'm up for the challenge.


A guy called Meganewb who used to post here had some fucking sick numbers...wonder why he stopped posting here?


1st video was a terrible angle. and i don't consider ANY of those full reps

2nd video again, did not have full reps. i was also hoping to see a guy with no to minimal arch and no belt do 405.

3rd video is not 405lbs on flat bench

4th video is not 405lbs on flat bench

thanks for ruining my day.


awesome man. have you done a ME recently?


I hit 365 2 months ago(at 19 years old).. I just turned 20, Ill max soon and see where I'm at.


not on flat bench, did paused 2 board bench presses last night and it went like this

225 x 6
245 x 4
280 x 1
290 x failed, lost balance.

315 should be going up on these in a few weeks, Ive always been a very strong presser, so with a little practice the numbers should go up pretty quickly, I'll come back to update this thread everytime I make some progress in that direction.


I don't mean to piss in your cereal...but he was by far the strongest person under 23 to ever post here regularly.

However he was only 17 there might be people in there 20's here who could hit a legit 405 on video...however doing it within the next 6 months might be an issue.


Great lift man, if that's legit you've got a good shot to hit 405 before 23. Would love to see a video of that or whatever you max at if it's >365.

I've done 315 x 2 @ 20 years old. So 90 lbs in ~2 years (21 now) is a pretty damn good jump, but I'm rather determined to hit 4/5/6 by the time I graduate, when I'm 23.


Shit, I'm down. I'll be 23 in September.

Right now my bench is at 335, though..4 months should be long enough to hit 405.


what is your strategy for increasing your bench 70lbs in only 16 weeks?


HolyMac, I've been hittin the inclines, declines, and close-grips hard, so we'll see how that translates to conventional flat bench. Last incline was 275x2, decline was 335x5, CGBP was 315x2. Hopefully in the next 6 months I'll hit 405 on flat.


bugeishaAD, if you don't mind me asking, how close is close grip bench(grip wise), 315 seems alot.


maybe 14-16inches apart? Lol I love being called out.


315 ain't ever light :slight_smile:


I've recently hit 315 for 2 on the flat DB bench. It was my 4th or 5th set I don't remember. I can probably go heavier if I wasn't exhausted from the previous sets. I do alot of DB work for my pressing movements. BB incline bench gives me a pain in my delts equivalent to having someone stick an ice pick in the joint. Decline is fine and flat is fine now after I started setting up like a PL. Are we talking about bodbuilding form benching, or PL, or ILS douche bag only moving the bar 8 inches with an arch that I can drive my truck underneath form?


Benching, benching, and more benching.


This is one of the most ignorant statements I've ever seen. Maybe in X's circle of friends they were benching that when they were 22. Or maybe at the gym's that he went to in the area he lived. But the same amount of young people are benching 405 now as they were then. One of my best friends benched 405 in weightlifting competitions during our senior year of high school when we were 18.

There is no reason for a general assumption like that just because he doesn't see them at his gym.


It's not just his gym. Hell, the majority of people are amazed at 225 benches nowadays.


Many of X's posts in this forum seems to assume posters should have above average genetics for both strength and size. I don't belong to this group, but many of the Polynesian guys in my high school football team did. Most of them were linemen and weighed about 300lbs and could bench close to or above 405lbs. I remember Dwayne "Rock" Johnson saying he was benching 405 in high school easily. I think that is the kind of both genetics AND hard work X is talking about.