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Calling all Chiropractors/Oriental Med.

I am currently at the veritable crossroads of my education having finished my BA recently, and was hoping to pick the brains of chiropractors and Oriental Med./Acupunture practicioners. What made you decide to go into Oriental Med./Chiropractor? How do enjoy your work, quality of life, compensation, etc.? Are there things you dislike about your carreer choice? Thanks for your replys.


Well, sorry that I can’t help you Rick but I’m very interested in this as well, as I’m considering going to school for chiropractics next fall (not this coming, but fall '05). So if anyone can, let us have it!!

All I can say man is that I’m working into getting $$$ to goto TCM school…so I really can’t help ya…although I’m interested if you got any responses elsewhere…